#211215 Day 7 Central Japan (Last Day)

This is the last day of the amazing trip to Central Japan 😦 This day is freestyle so we could go wherever we want to on our own. The tour guide suggested going to nearby places like Ueno, Ginza etc, so apparently 3 of the 4-people-family went to the same places haha we kept bumping … Continue reading #211215 Day 7 Central Japan (Last Day)


#201215 Day 6 Central Japan: Shinjuku

The morning started off with a beautiful pink sunrise on the way to the female onsen to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji! Mom and I didn't get to see it there but it was still good due to the beautiful scenery accompanied by the sun rising to greet us ^^ (Dad and sis who … Continue reading #201215 Day 6 Central Japan: Shinjuku

#191215 Central Japan Day 5: I Saw Mount Fuji!

The first thing we did was to sit a red boat to view some rocks and waters and stuff... It's nothing extraordinary but it was quite cold due to the strong winds :/ (We went to the deck / outside idk whats it called) Then we rode the bus to the Gotemba Shopping Outlets! This … Continue reading #191215 Central Japan Day 5: I Saw Mount Fuji!

#181215 Central Japan Day 4: Osaka

Ayeee welcome to day 4 of my Japan trip in 2015555!! It looks like I decided to take a picture of my breakfast on day 4 so yay I can do some intro on Japanese buffet breakfasts!! Here we have the usual buffet things like scrambled eggs and rice. Somehow all scambled eggs taste similarly … Continue reading #181215 Central Japan Day 4: Osaka

#171215 Central Japan Day 3: Wakayama

After breakfast at the same hotel we headed to Wakayama Marina City, a family-oriented amusement theme park with a multitude of attractions for all age groups. We visited Kuroshio Market first to have a walk around. The market was just opening it's various stalls, selling prawn crackers, sashimi and some dry snacks. We were mainly … Continue reading #171215 Central Japan Day 3: Wakayama

#161215 Central Japan Day 2: Kobe

Every day we are moving to different parts of Japan, but we stayed at the same hotel for Day 1 & 2! Day 2 was the first buffet breakfast in that hotel. Day 2 & Day 3's breakfasts were the same bc same hotel... Johnny our tour guide recommended the fried black noodles so of … Continue reading #161215 Central Japan Day 2: Kobe

#151215 Central Japan Day 1: Kyoto

Starting off this blog with my latest holiday trip to Central Japan!! On 14th December 11.30 p.m. we met at the airport (with our tour leader and potential tour mates) and then went to chill before boarding. Since it was a midnight flight I couldn't spend the entire plane ride watching things on the plane's … Continue reading #151215 Central Japan Day 1: Kyoto