#300816 – #020916 Sleepover With The BFF!

Zi Qing said she wanted to sleepover at my house before she starts work so we had a 4D3N sleepover~ I shall just write the highlights of each day in point form bc we didn't really do any new or special things... 30th August 2016: ZQ came at night (around 9 pm) We set up … Continue reading #300816 – #020916 Sleepover With The BFF!


Being an International Kpop Fan Sucks…

Hi I'm back again even though there's nothing exciting going on in my life because I simply felt like writing something that isn't school-work related. πŸ™‚  So yeah, I seriously dislike being an international Kpop fan. The main reason is because in our baes' eyes, we don't exist at all, the most notice we get … Continue reading Being an International Kpop Fan Sucks…

#110416 Day Out with Mya πŸ’›

Oooh as I was typing the title I realised time passed very quickly... Almost 6 months of holidays has passed and it's almost time for school 😭 Might probably not have such a long school holiday ever in future 😭😭 Anyway, the origins of how this outing happened was because Mya (aka one of my … Continue reading #110416 Day Out with Mya πŸ’›

#241215 It’s Christmas Eve!

This year flew by especially quickly because of the damned Os. Today it's yet another Christmas Eve, and again I'm anticipating eagerly for Christmas itself (only 1 more sleep away, woohoo!). I'm not sure if we've done this the previous years, but this year the fam did an epic Xmas Eve atas Western dinner! Heh … Continue reading #241215 It’s Christmas Eve!