#160317 Taiwan Day 3: Alishan, Beimen, Tainan


Hello! It has been a while since I posted but I’m back to blog about day three of my Taiwan trip!

Dad and I woke up extra early on day three, at 3.40 am, because we wanted to go catch the sun rise. (Well, my dad mostly. I’m more of a sun set person because I hate waking up early. Furthermore, it was extremely cold that day as we were up on the mountains.ย ๐Ÿ˜ฉ)

We took a shuttle bus provided by Alishan Guest House, to the Alishan train station. It was a thirty minute ride from the station to Zhu Mountain (where we would be waiting for the sun to rise). Tip: Get in the train queue early and grab seats as fast as you can because if you don’t, there would be 0 seats left in no time. We only managed to get 1 seat so my dad and I had to take turns sitting down LOL. I slept throughout the ride because I was so sleepy.ย ๐Ÿ’€ And cold. I was under prepared as I thought Taiwan would merely be sweater weather, so I didn’t bring a winter jacket… I was wearing a sweater, jacket and a down jacket but I still felt like it was freezing in the train… And of course the fact that it was the early morning made it worse.

When we got there, we were told we still had to wait about half an hour or one hour? (More waiting… Urgh) I was so cold and bored while waiting but I couldn’t leave to hide in the shelter since my dad and I were at the front aka one of the best spots to view the sun rise sigh. Now I can say I very much prefer to wait in hot and humid weather than cold weather.

Took this while waiting for the sun to rise


Okay so the funny thing was, more than one hour had passed and the sky was brightening, but there was still 0 sun rise. I was so puzzled but the in-charge said to wait a while more and the sun would rise. But,, the sky is already bright, doesn’t that mean the sun has already risen??ย โ”โ”โ”

My dad and I waited a while more but we realised the sky was already as bright as day and it’s impossible to see the sun rise at this point so we decided to give up and leave LOL. It was such a fail and I felt so cheated. I was like, “Okay somebody please tell me why I woke up at 3.40 am for this??”

But at least I got to witness the beautiful ไบ‘ๆตท (sea of clouds) and took some pretty photographs so I didn’t go there for absolutely nothing. And I was so glad that whole process was over. I could finally escape into the warmth and eat my breakfast!!

Omelette, cream pasta, fried mantou, burdock, and some other vegetables! The only meat was the ham from the omelette but it was still a delicious breakfast!

Breakfast with the greenery!
Coffee section with 6 different kinds of flavoured syrups which I was impressed about!
And their coffee machine with a wide variety of coffees!
Coffee + Yakult in the morning = Perfect recipe for constipation
After breakfast our driver drove us to this tea plantation called ้˜ฟ้‡Œๅฑฑ้‚นๆ—ๆ–‡ๅŒ–้ƒจ่ฝ (Alishan zou zu wen hua bu luo). The entrance was very well-decorated!


Visit to their cultural museum

Picturesque tea plantation

Weird-looking orange fruits in their garden
We were taken by our driver to the tea plantation’s shop/tea house to learn more about Alishan tea and the tea brewing process! But before that, I was given a small sample of the Alishan instant milk coffee and I fell in love at first sip… It was mildly sweet, mildly bitter and milky. I liked it so much that I even purchased a small pack of it even though they specialise in tea not coffee.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚ What can I say… I am coffee trash… Coffee over tea any dayย โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ’“

Alishan coffee hehe

One of the staff kindly sat down to go through the whole tea brewing process with us. It was very calming listening to him talk and trying the different kinds of tea the shop offers.


The reason why there are two cups there is because the long and thin cup is for tea smelling. The tea is poured in there for you to smell first, then, you put the rounder cup on top of the thin cup, flip it over and drink from the round cup. I also learned that 1) it is better to throw out the first pot of brewed tea as it isn’t good for the body 2) the tea leaves in tea bags are actually tea leaf ‘crumbs’ and not whole tea leaves crushed into small bits lol so it’s better to purchase tea leaves in bottles and not tea bags.

Left: tea leaves after they’re soaked in hot water Right: tea leaves before they are soaked
Our session got interrupted as it was time to go watch the dance and singing performances by the Zou zu tribe.



It was quite interesting to watch the people wear their costumes and perform their cultural songs/dances!

After the performances, it was time for lunch. The restaurant only offers set meals and you can choose from different sets depending on how many people you have. We ordered the one for 2-3 people and the portions were SO BIG.


Me with an ‘A’ chair and some sakura flowers!
After lunch, we went back to the tea house to continue trying different teas! That time something interesting happened. As we were listening and chatting, a group of middle-aged Koreans suddenly came and sat themselves down with us though they couldn’t understand chinese. They conversed in Korean and I could actually understand some of it.

“What tea is this?”

“Sit down”

“There’s a procedure for this you can’t do it your way.” (this one was funny haha)

Quite a few people asked what tea it was and I couldn’t take it anymore so I tried to answer them in my broken Korean HAHA. All I said was “balgan cha” which is direct translation for ‘red tea’ because I didn’t know what red tea was in Korean.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚ I only knew green tea was ‘nok cha’ LOL. And then the staff asked me to help tell them the price in Korean but I was so nervous that I totally forgotten how to say the price in Korean RIP. And then they left but my hands were still shaking like a leafย ๐Ÿ˜‚ Oh gosh how am I gonna order stuff in Korean when I go to Korea next timeย ๐Ÿ˜‚

But anyways,, we finished the session and got some Alishan tea and coffee!! Not surprisingly, the Alishan coffee is diminishing faster than the Alishan tea because I keep making it for me and my dad at homeย ๐Ÿ˜‚ Probably also because it’s easier to make since it’s instant…

Due to the several cups of tea we tried, I had the strong urge to go to the toilet but we were already in the car travelling elsewhere (yes, I did go to the toilet before I left) so I had to try my best to go into zen mode and try not to think of my bursting bladder.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ

Our next location was the ๆฐดๆ™ถๆ•™ๅ ‚ (shui jing jiao tang / crystal church) in Tainan.


It’s so pretty and transparent like a crystal.ย ๐Ÿ˜ There were also two cute red hearts stuck on the walls of the church.ย โค๏ธ๏ธ Unfortunately, the church was cordoned off and nobody could enter the church so I could only take pictures with it at a distance.

Then, we drove down the road a bit more to get to the ไบ‘ๅ˜‰ๅ—้ฃŽๆ™ฏๅŒบๅŒ—้—จๆธธๅฎขไธญๅฟƒ (yun jia nan feng jing qu bei men you ke zhong xin).

Aww so cute.
I love bright and colourful buildings.
Amazing rainbow of wall drawings.
Close-up hehe.

Old-style provision shop
Read as ้’ฑๆฅไนŸ (qian lai ye). Apparently it used to be a provision shop too.

Then it was time for dinner! We went to Flower Night Market (่Šฑๅ›ญๅคœๅธ‚).



We got there before it was dark so many of the stalls were still in the midst of preparing to open.

Korean egg bread which was good!

Fried chicken with sweet sauce. It was so popular that the stall owner had to put queue line barricades for people to queue in!
This bowl of udon was really mediocre.
Cutely shaped egg breads!
Forgotten it’s name but it tastes like fried fish paste.
I also bought a big cup of pearl milk tea which tasted nothing like milk tea so I threw it away before I even reached 1/4 of the cup… Personally, Flower Night Market isn’t a night market that I would like to visit again because the variety of food and drinks didn’t stand out to me. You can find those in other night markets.

Finally, it was time to return to the hotel to rest!! This was a hotel that I booked online and I was glad that my father liked it! The name of the hotel is Golden Tulip Glory Fine Hotel. It was a small but cozy and modern hotel room. The decorations are more homely than hotel-ish. There were also free apples to eat so I took one to neutralise all the oils from the food I ate at the night market.

That’s all for day 3!!


#150317 Taiwan Day 2: Chia Yi (ๅ˜‰ไน‰) & Alishan (้˜ฟ้‡Œๅฑฑ)


Before the fun from day 2 officially started, dad and I had breakfast at the hotel.

The view from where we had breakfast was really pretty… I think I have a thing for pastel/dull coloured buildings.

The breakfast from this buffet spread was not bad, and I liked the ice lemon tea! It was the first time I saw iced tea being served at breakfast but tea is a very common drink in Taiwan and you can find it almost everywhere.

After breakfast our first stop was Hinoki Village (ๆชœๆ„ๆฃฎๆดปๆ‘). The village looks Japanese as it was a place where Japanese people stayed in during the Japanese Occupation. Many of the cottages were shops selling souvenirs and food, and it was a pity that almost none of the shops were open when we visited. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The whole place was really nice to explore, though.




This is a really pretty cafe that sells pancakes and egg waffles! The food on the poster looked good but it was closed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Really unique and majestic horse statue made out of wood.
Me with an old carriage.
There were also many flowers and greenery surrounding the cottages. I really liked the entire place as it gave off a relaxing vibe that you have when being out in nature. There were also very little visitors since it was a weekday, making the tour even more peaceful. Before leaving the place, dad and I stopped by a souvenir shop (probably the only shop open when we visited) to buy some souvenirs! Dad got a cool wood massager and a key chain in the shape of what Taiwan looked like on the map while I got some irrelevant things like 2 washi tapes…….. What are priorities ha ha……

Then we went to visit some temples and the Tian Chang Di Jiu Bridge in Alishan (ๅคฉ้•ฟๅœฐไน…ๆกฅ).


Posing with my zodiac, the rabbit!
So beautiful.
Tian Chang Di Jiu Bridge

There were a lot of stair-climbing so I ended up getting a little sweaty and breathless. It was good exercise before we continue eating rubbish though.

Taiwanese sausages & pork cutlets

These are charcoal-grilled Taiwanese Sausages. It was the best Taiwanese sausage I have ever tried in my life. It was a little too oily but when you bite into it, it was so juicy and flavourful. It was also warm since it was fresh off the grill. This wasn’t originally on the plan but I noticed many people queuing up for this and decided to suggest it to my dad, knowing he wouldn’t say no. (He loves junk food as much as me LOL).

Then it was lunch time~

The driver recommended this place that specialises in bento boxes. It’s called railway bento (ๆœจๆกถๅž‹้“่ทฏไพฟๅฝ“).

What the shop looks like on the outside
I just realised I didn’t take photos of the railway bento and I don’t know why I didn’t photograph such an important thing??

Maybe because before eating I went to use the washroom, and the female’s washroom only had 2 cubicles, one squatting and one sitting, and it was so small, wet and smelly. Then when I got out, I wanted to wash my hands and quickly get out of the place but I couldn’t because someone vomited into the sink and there wasn’t any public sinks I could use… After that whole experience I myself felt nauseous and that was probably why I just wanted to quickly finish lunch and get out of the restaurant.

Not sure if it was because of the traumatising experience, but the bento was pretty average to me. The food came in a metal round container, and had a chicken drum stick, pork slices and some vegetables sitting on top of a bed of rice. It was quite hard to eat as well since I was only equipped with a spoon and a pair of chopsticks…

Anyways, after the meal we stepped out into the chilly weather and I felt much better. We went to explore the street shops near the area aka ๅฅ‹่ตทๆน–่€่ก—.


Ai yu bing (็ˆฑ็Ž‰ๅ†ฐ)

Ai yu bing (Ai yu = a type of natural jelly, bing = ice) is a must-try drink in Taiwan, so we got a cup each when we saw this aunty selling them! (Ok, actually I thought I was going to share a cup with my dad because it was quite chilly and I didn’t want to have any opportunity to use that smelly washroom, but apparently my dad wanted a cup to himself, so in the end I got a small cup to myself as well…) This stall includes lemon juice and honey in their ai-yu, and you could also add chia seeds (or some kind of seeds I’m not really sure what they are called) free of charge, so we did.

They also served the ai yu warm, but both of us got the iced version. It was a very refreshing drink and I loved it!! The aunty selling the ai yu was very nice and friendly too, kind of like a mother figure. Ahhh looking at it now makes me want to have another cup…

Our final destination was the Alishan Guest House (้˜ฟ้‡Œๅฑฑๅฎพ้ฆ†). Since Alishan is on the mountains, the weather got 2 x colder when we went up. On the drive up, I also experienced pressure in my ears. (The same kind you experience when a plane you’re on starts to land.)

But look at how pretty the hotel is on the outside ahhh.
After checking in to the hotel, my dad and I decided to explore the Alishan National Scenic Area beside the hotel before dinner. And… Not long after leaving the hotel, we spotted… SAKURA!!! I was so excited as it was my first time seeing a real sakura tree. In fear of not being able to see more sakura trees as we explored further into the forest, I spammed my phone with so many photos of these beautiful sakura flowers, wide shot, close-up, selfie, wefie, you name it and I can provide it HAHA.


Everyone had the same fear as me as they were all trying to snatch spots near the tree to get photographs. It was difficult to get a spot but my dad and I managed to get one!!

Trying to attempt a chio selfie but obviously failed… How do people do this so easily sxdfgh
After getting our fill of sakura photos/videos we finally walked further into the forest and I thought there wouldn’t be any more sakura trees,,, but GUESS WHAT THERE WERE MOREEEE.

Was impressed because the shape of the petals were the same as the sakura drawings I see on emojis/other products

Wanted to spam photos again over here as there were 3 trees together and looked prettier but there were gigantic bees flying around so I had to make it a fast one as I’m quite afraid of bees haha. I know they won’t harm people without reason but they are still scary…

I got a herbal egg during the walk. Quite delicious.
Three generations of treeeees
After walking for a while I thought we were going to go back to the hotel for dinner but it was nearing the time for sun set and my father seemed to want to wait for it so we ended up waiting (for quite a while… maybe 30 minutes or even an hour IDK I wasn’t counting) for the sun to set… I was quite bored since I couldn’t surf the net using my data (as my phone was going to run out of battery and I wanted to save them for the sun set) and I was getting so impatient and cold and mentally hurrying the sun to set LOL. But the sun finally set and it was breathtaking.

Sun setting + sea of clouds = breathtaking



I overheard a local tour guide say that we shouldn’t just leave after the sun sets as we would be missing out on the equally beautiful pink sky, so both of us stayed til the pink sky appeared and I gotta say, no regrets man.

After the sun set we finally walked back for dinner and it was quite scary as the whole place was almost pitch dark and we weren’t familiar with the park. It was also getting EVEN COLDER since there was no sunlight to bring us warmth. Thankfully my dad somehow knew the way back and we arrived safely.

My dad made a dinner reservation at the hotel for 7.30-9 pm, but when we got back it was only around 6.30 pm I think, so he went to bathe while I caught up with my Korean drama heh. Currently chasing Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and it has been really promising so far. I’ve seen the teaser for this week’s episode and I can’t wait for it to be released!!



Dinner was average… Edible but not really delicious… Except the mushrooms though, the mushrooms are really good.


They did have a really large variety of food to choose from, and they even have a coffee machine that served drinks like mocha, matcha milk and matcha coffee WHAAAAT. I was so impressed by that that I couldn’t pass up on the matcha milk for dinner. The quality of the matcha milk was good too! I really enjoyed that warm and sweet cup of matcha milk.

After dinner we went to learn about constellations since the hotel offers free lessons. We even went outside to observe the stars and there were so many stars and the entire sky looked so beautiful.ย ๐Ÿ˜ But it got too cold and I didn’t bring my jacket with me so we had to leave shortly to escape from the cold… I felt so bad for my dad because he seemed very interested in the constellations…ย ๐Ÿ˜• Sorry dad…

But anyways that’s it for day 2. Stay tuned for day 3! Bye~

#140317 Taiwan Day 1: Chia Yi (ๅ˜‰ไน‰)

Decided to pause blogging about Finland to blog about my Taiwan trip with my dad since I just came back today and still remember the things that I’ve done in Taiwan.

Woke up at 4.30 am on 14th March (Tuesday) to prepare to head to the airport for my 6.55 am flight (via Scoot). I was so tired since I only had 5 hours of sleep. ๐Ÿ’€

The flight doesn’t provide on-board meals (you had to buy them separately) so we went to eat breakfast at Ya Kun before boarding.

Changi Airport snapchat filter
Kopi O & Kaya french toast

Then it was time to board~

Arrived in Kaohsiung International Airport!

Oh yes, my dad and I travelled free and easy this time (it was my second visit to Taiwan) so we had no driver on the first and last day,, aka we had to take the MRT from the airport to Zuo Ying Station via the red line, which was 13 stops away.

Before taking the High Speed Rail, we decided to buy some food to eat at the airport’s Family Mart (convenient store) since we were a little hungry and it was lunch time.


I got a roasted chicken onigiri and dad got a strawberry jam bun. I felt that the chicken’s sauce was pretty unique and Taiwan-ish and maybe because I was hungry but that onigiri was yummy haha.

These blue plastic tokens are actually train tickets! If you don’t have a train card, you have to purchase train tickets. When you tap in, you’re required to hold on to your ticket. It’s only when you tap out that you have to throw the ticket into the slot and then the tickets will be recycled again.

The inside of the MRT

Then, we took the High Speed Rail to Chia Yi. So basically, we spent 1/2 the day purely on travelling places ๐Ÿ˜‚.

High Speed Rail ticket

After all that travelling we became hungry so we decided to just have our lunch at the Mos Burger at the HSR station.

I got the seafood rice burger which was nice!
Both of us purchased set meals which came with iced tea and chicken nuggets.

Dad ordered the beef rice burger! From this meal we learned that we should have ordered 1 set meal and 1 ala carte because both of us couldn’t finish our nuggets and iced tea… We always tend to over order sigh…

Then we took a cab to our hotel, Maison De Chine! During the ride the price meter kept increasing every few seconds and although I wasn’t the one paying I could feel my heart breaking omg it was quite scary LOL.

After checking into the hotel, we decided to head out to explore the area near the hotel before having dinner at the Wenhua Road Night Market.


Took this aesthetic photo of some Taiwanese drinks when we went into a convenient store. I was pretty impressed as they have more variety of the Chun Cui He shampoo bottle drinks other than the milk tea and latte ones sold in Singapore. There was a period of time when these were a trend in Singapore because of its unique shampoo bottle design, and they were pretty hard to grab but I finally tried some a few weeks ago and TBH the taste was quite bad… It was like a very sweet and artificial milk tea taste and I found nothing special about it I’m sorry so I didn’t buy it in Taiwan LOL.

While exploring I suddenly spotted 50 Lan, a well-known bubble tea store that was recommended by blogs and friends. It’s as common as Koi in Singapore, but I didn’t know there would be some in Kaohsiung (or the places I would be visiting during this trip) so when I saw this I got so excited. I have been craving bubble tea for a few weeks but have been controlling myself because I knew I would be drinking a lot in Taiwan. I dragged my dad across the street just for this LOL.

50 Lan is the yellow and blue store!

I got the classic pearl milk tea with 1/4 sugar level while my dad got a matcha macchiato. When I tried the first sip, I got to admit that I was pretty disappointed… The milk tea tasted the same as the milk teas from Singapore’s bubble tea shops, it wasn’t especially milky or have a stronger tea taste or anything… The pearls were also too soft, I prefer harder and chewier pearls… The pearls tasted like they weren’t sweetened with sugar syrup as well though I don’t know if they did, so the drink was less sweet than I would have liked. (Well it was partly my fault since I ordered 1/4 sugar but in Singapore when I ordered 0 % sugar the milk tea was still perfectly sweet (not too sweet nor diluted) since the pearls were sweetened with sugar syrup) So… Yeah I was disappointed that it wasn’t very special but I could make do with it.

A cutely-shaped tree spotted by my dad.
After dad got a memory card and tripod for his video camera, we went shopping at the Wenhua Road Night Market!! I got some cute clothes at 50 Percent, a Taiwanese fashion boutique! I haven’t heard of this brand before but when I stepped in, I couldn’t resist trying on some clothing as their clothing are very Korean-style and casual street wear-ish which is my favourite kind of style.ย http://www.50-shop.com/Shop/ This is their online store!! Dad also got a cozy jacket which he is very satisfied about.

As the sky darkened, my dad decided it was time for dinner so we went to get some fooood.



This is the chicken leg stuffed with fried rice! I was told that my Aunt recommended it so we had to try it. Verdict: It was DE.LI.CIOUS. The outside of the chicken was sprinkled with some seasoning powder, the chicken was juicy and the fried rice had this fish paste + rice kind of taste to it which I liked. Fried rice goes well with the chicken and the whole thing wasn’t messy to eat!

Then, my dad noticed this shop that had a lot of people in it and he was like “This store has lots of people in it, do you want to eat here?” LOOL the power of PSYCHOLOGY.

Anyways, we ordered the shredded turkey rice and a rice cake soup. I liked the rice more as it was drizzled with sweet sauce and the rice were sticky and chewy. The soup was pretty average (as in it was good but didn’t taste special). Since it was the opposite for my dad, I had more rice and he had more soup. By the way, shredded turkey rice is a famous dish in Chia Yi, so be sure to try some if you spot it!


By then we were already quite full but I happened to chance upon this soya bean store which was recommended by blogs too. I was kind of hesitating because I already had 2 cups of sweet drinks that day but my dad looked like he wanted to try it so I was just like “Okay fine since I’m on holiday, I’m bound to eat a lot of unhealthy food these days anyway.”

A good way to remember this store is the “Since 1963” below the chinese words which read “Jia Yi”

We ordered the hot soya bean milk and my dad also got a meat bun. He seriously has a gigantic stomach capacity man I don’t know how he can keep eating so much food at once HAHAH.

The soya bean milk was good, it was sweet and warm, just what I needed as it was getting chilly at night. The meat bun was good too, the bun was sweet and soft and the toppings in it were generous. Though I would have preferred it if there was lesser fats and more meat.


Oh yes, I also found a shop selling LOTS of cute socks (literally) and I had such a hard time controlling myself to just pick out 2 pairs of socks (1 for me and 1 for my socks-loving friend) because I had already done a lot of damage at 50 Percent… I swear, the choices there are all so Tumblr and ulzzang style I would buy one of each if I was a rich girl but nah I’m broke and the money isn’t even earned by me so gotta appreciate and save money man can’t spend it rashly haha.

After the soya bean milk and bun we decided to walk back to the hotel and wind down for the night. That’s it for Day 1! Bye~

P.S Check out the vlog at this link!!ย https://youtu.be/G7OKyTNQMXA

#211216 Finland Day 1: Grocery Shopping in Rovaniemi & Ranua Wildlife Zoo


It is currently 5th March 2017 and after 23456789 years I am FINALLY blogging about my Finland trip.

We boarded Finnair at around 11.30 pm on 20th December. Since it was a midnight flight, I spent almost the whole flight sleeping… It was a pity because I couldn’t enjoy much of the on-board facilities like movies or shows… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


At about 10:21 AM SG time breakfast was served. It was a rather simple meal consisting of a croissant, sausage, tomato, mushroom omelette, baked beans, yoghurt and some fruit. TBH this wasn’t a very delicious breakfast but I guess it was better than having no breakfast at all…

Shortly after, the flight arrived in Helsinki Airport. We still had to take a domestic flight to Rovaniemi before our itinerary could officially start.


Once we touched down, the first place we went to was… I actually don’t know the name of the place it was just a place full of snow and I remembered there was a theatre there?? Basically we went there to take some photos of the snow (come to think of it I actually don’t see the point of stopping there maybe it was so that we could experience some snow before getting food?? I don’t know OMG my memories have become so fuzzy rip) and okay we did end up with some pretty photos and selfies.

The whole ground was filled with snow!!!
Me trying very hard to get a Tumblr photo of my Timberland boots LOL

It got very cold although the sky started to brighten (in Rovaniemi, the days only last for 3-4 hours so it was really hard to get bright photos and I was glad I didn’t live there because I prefer day time than night time) so we got up the bus and went shopping for grocery/snacks at the mall nearby.

The vegetables were displayed really prettily


I got this cinnamon round pastry and it was so good. Chewy, rich in cinnamon and not too sweet (I have this thing against overly sweet stuff). I would have preferred it if it was warm though, because this one was cold since it was displayed in the grocery store under the pastry/bread section. Imagine how delicious it would be if it was warmed up ahhh. The store had a wide variety of pastries though which I was impressed about.

img_24611ย We also bought this and since the words were in Finnish we couldn’t understand it but we assumed it was milk so we bought it to drink, and the first time we bought it I didn’t drink it but my mom did and she said she liked it as it was really creamy and rich… Different from usual milk… And you know why? We later found out during the last day of the trip that it wasn’t milk but DOUBLE creamer… RIP HAHAHA once my mom found out she felt so queasy that she stopped us from talking about it any more LOL hahahaha.


After that we made our way to Ranua Wildlife Zoo where we had lunch before beginning our zoo adventure!!


The lunch was buffet-style. There were salad, vegetable patty, mashed potatoes with berry sauce, salmon cream soup, reindeer meat etc. In my opinion Finnish cuisine isn’t among my favourite cuisines but it’s cool to try food from other countries. And yes, REINDEER MEAT. I thought it was mutton but after lunch someone told me it was reindeer meat and I felt so horrible because I like reindeers since they are so pretty… But reindeer meat is a common dish in Finland. They even sell reindeer jerky… But taste-wise I didn’t really like it as it was too tough and salty for me. Oh yes, the drink was berry-flavoured and was quite refreshing.


Dessert was mint ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. I liked the ice cream but the sandwich base was meh. And I didn’t finish the whipped cream because I can’t eat too much whipped cream without feeling queasy… I can’t understand the people that like spraying whipped cream into their mouths straight from it’s can…

After lunch, we began our wildlife adventure!


I don’t know what animal this is but it reminded me of my cat Lychee with that fat ass โค


Halfway through the journey we came across this ice bar which was situated in an igloo and had a colourfully lighted ‘Ice Bar’ sign beside it’s entrance. We went inside to take a look and surprisingly, it was warmer inside than outside though there weren’t any heaters inside which I assumed was because the wind was blocked from the igloo’s walls.

One thing that I didn’t like about this trip to the zoo was that the snow on the ground was melting and hence it was EXTREMELY slippery to walk on, there were instances where we had to hold on to the railings and slide down the path since it was too slippery to walk normally, and many times where I almost fell… The sliding was scary and I didn’t dare to slide down at first but once I got braver it was actually quite fun… Like skateboarding?


Super adorable doggos

At this point in time my phone died from the cold (they tend to die even at 30% or random percentages since it was too cold) so I didn’t take any more photos but I’ll try my best to describe what we did after that.

After the animals we went inside the dining area to warm up (it was VERY cold) then it got dark again. Our last activity for the day was husky riding/driving. Yes. Driving. According to CTC Travel (the agency we booked our tour from), that was the first time they organised a husky riding activity where tourists can control their huskies along the ride. There were 6 huskies per sled, and 2 people per sled. I went with dad and TBH I was a bit scared of controlling them as they went quite fast and were super excited and jumpy so I let Dad control the huskies for both parts of the husky ride LOL. He had to stand at the back and steer his body according to the direction he wanted them to go and press down on the brake if he wanted them to stop. The ride was quite short but it was fun!!

I got to touch the huskies and the ones in the enclosure were so mischievous… There were 3 huskies that came to people and try to steal hats or gloves hahaha but they were all really cute.

Dinner was at the hotel and was buffet-style. I had the runs and so I didn’t really enjoy dinner… I felt kinda sian because in Japan I also had the runs on the night there was buffet dinner but I recovered in time for dessert so… Bad start to the trip but at least I didn’t had stomachache again during the trip… That was all for Day 1 bye.

#170616 Boracay Day 6 (Last Day)

Note: It’s currently Friday, 24th June and it’s officially a week since I’ve been back. This week has been mentally tiring because other than Monday I’ve been out and about to do my various projects, working with primary 4 kids as well as the elderly from a hospice. Some of the elderly have less than 3 months to live, and the service learning that I’ve done made me realise and learn a lot of things, such as the fact that life is precious and we should treasure every single moment. (Especially with family) But, all these has made me miss Boracay so much, just chilling at the beach, watching sunsets, experiencing new but not so intense things… ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Anyway, on to the last day of Boracay.

Since it was the last day, I made it a point to grab my favourite breakfast items and photograph them to show you guys!

^ thai pancake in coconut gravy, garlic rice, potato, over easy eggs (+ new items fish patty & beef) // i had the garlic rice almost every day and I miss it ๐Ÿš๐Ÿ’ž
^ french toast that is a MUST-TRY!! It’s soft & fluffy with a strong buttery cinnamon taste and btw it will be gone in minutes once a new batch is released. Also, a weird ‘hybrid’ red & yellow watermelon.

We had a late afternoon flight so we couldn’t mingle around the hotel for very long… After breakfast I dragged the parents to Real Coffee Cafรฉ again to bring home more calamansi muffins because I couldn’t forget them. When we were there, (we went there at 7 or 8 am + omg) they were alREADY SOLD OUT OF MUFFINS. WHAT. They came in a box of 6 and the people in front of us bought so many boxes such that there were no more for us ๐Ÿ˜ญ But luckily for us, the couple in front of us gave up one of their boxes for us aww… Kindness from strangers. โค๏ธ

(I think they noticed us because my mom and I were being super loud and dramatic like “hUH?!?! NO MORE???? OMG… WE CAME FOR NOTHING… THE MUFFINS ARE SO GOOD TIL THEY ARE SOLD OUT EARLY IN THE MORNING… THE PEOPLE IN FRONT OF US BOUGHT A LOT OF BOXES…” and they heard us so they gave us a box hahaha)

Then we also dabao-ed MacDonald’s to bring to the airport because we thought there wouldn’t be food there for lunch, but turned out there were quite a few food stalls and cafes at the airport!

^ cheesy macdesal or something couldn’t remember the name basically patty, cheese and scrambled eggs which was yum (what isn’t yum from mac tbh)

^when we sat down at a cafe for mac & coffee we saw lots of instant noodles being sold and were tempted to buy a cup LOL (this was the most popular flavour)
^ had a good seafood taste

^ dinner which was pasta in creamy sauce & sausages which wasn’t that nice lol sorry budget airlines…

Basically thats the end of the trip lol I found it cool that the airport sold bingsu which I didn’t get to try. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

#160616 Boracay Day 5

This morning we did……..







If you guessed nothing, you are right! ๐Ÿ˜‚

The morning started off with breakfast (obviously) then we moved to the beach to chill~ Since it was the second last day, my mom decided to live the ultimate lux life and have a (almost) full body massage for 2 hours. I had a head & arm massage for half an hour. It was very shiok!! I love head massages ๐Ÿ˜

After I was done I just sat around reading my book Room which is a really good psychology fiction thats written in the perspective of a 5 year-old-boy. When I bought the book I was unsure of it’s content because the back of the book literally just say

“Jack is 5 years old. He is locked in a room with Ma.”

but it has been good so far. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Worth a read.

Dad suddenly asked me if I wanted to drink Starbucks and I was shocked because my parents don’t usually drink Starbucks so I was like oh sure but internally I was like YAS YAS I DO YAS.

I got an iced soy latte which was so good. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโ˜•๏ธ

Then it started to get gloomy and windy which was really nice because it was a change from the burning sun. I was starting to enjoy staying at the beach chilling for hours but parents decided it was better to leave because we might get drenched later on so we did ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

For lunch we went back to I โค๏ธ Backyard BBQ because the previous day papa saw that the pork ribs looked good.

^Fried chicken (it has a very unique & fragrant taste ๐Ÿ˜) with mayo & pork ribs with fried rice & egg. The ribs were quite salty but were well marinated!!

^ ph’s well-known dessert, halo halo! Finally got to try a legit one but it still didn’t really impress me >< I think it would be better without the coconut shavings and nata de coco…

For dinner dad found a wet market in d*tali papa that sells live seafood. When we went to survey the live seafood, all the fish sellers held out their lobsters at us and shouted “eh! eh! eh!” every time we walked past them and ngl I felt so claustrophobic and annoyed bc it was a walkway surrounded with live seafood on both sides and I didn’t know what was splashing what and the long feelers or something of the lobsters were quite intimidating and just urgh I was glad when my parents finally chose their seafood so I could leave lolol.

There were cooking services & restaurants nearby that offers to help cook your live seafood at a certain price based on the weight of your seafood.

but first, mango shake. #mangoshakealldayeveryday

we had prawns (cooked with vegetables in sour soup) as well as steamed crab.

^look at how huge and juicy the prawn is ๐Ÿ˜

^sea praying mantis fried in sauce. (one of my faves from that dinner)ย 

^ sea urchin steamed with egg.

It’s recommended to eat sea urchin as sashimi but my mom wasn’t comfortable with it so we had it steamed! I only had a bite of it and my bite had mostly egg so I didn’t have a clear taste of sea urchin but it tasted different and very distinct. Also sea urchin had a kind of extra ‘service charge’ because it’s more dangerous to handle them due to the long spikes (which they removed as you can see in the photo).

After dinner we had time to shop so we just walked around and of course ended up buying things… (In ย fact a lot since dad realised it was the perfect souvenir place to shop at and bought lots of things for his friends.) ((It was the first time I saw him so excited over shopping & shops it didn’t even happen in sg))

We mostly bought shells, starfishes, souvenirs and shirts.

But guess what we also bought?

weird looking slippers!!!!

At first they seemed corny and lame but it grew on me after spending time in the shop and watching my parents get excited over the various slippers.

I didn’t take many pics but we bought minion slippers (it was a whole minion and they had to cut it into half), turtle slippers, as well as superman logo slippers. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I still find it a bit ridiculous so I’ll just wear it to the pool hahaha.
Then we discovered this guy just sitting here writing beautiful names on mini surfboards and were so attracted that we probably spent an hour here buying them because parents bought quite a few for their friends.

As you can see it was pretty cheap because 4 surfboards cost only 100 pesos with free name writing service.

To end off this post, heres an advice: Go to d*tali papa for your souvenir shopping it’s such a great place that my dad went there thrice in a day. โ˜บ๏ธ Bye!

#150616 Boracay Day 4ย 

Towards the later part of the trip we did even more of nothing. If you thought days 1-3 was nothing, days 4-6 is even more of nothing. (WHAT AM I SAYING BUAHAHAHA)

Before this trip my cousin shared that she did black henna tattoo in Boracay. The henna material wasn’t the usual brown (+ rather strong smelling) ones found in Singapore. They were black and smell like men cologne ๐Ÿ˜ The design she did was more of a ‘temp tattoo’ style rather than the traditional floral henna designs, and I was attracted by it so I decided to look for the shop she went to and do the tattoo too!

When she sent me the photo of the shop I thought it was in a mall, perhaps d*mall but it turned out that the shop was along the shops at Station 2, by the beach. I happened to see it during the many walks back and forth for food. It’s just beside Subway! I forgot if it’s before or after Subway but as long as you see a Subway, you’re on the right track. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Do take note that the shop is an actual shop that is air-conditioned, and if you look in you would see many drawings framed up and stuck onto the walls. When I went the walls were blue, but when my cousin went the walls were green, which was weird but she said perhaps they re-painted the walls hmm…

Also, do not get confused with the million other competing henna tattoo stands by the walkway. All of them offer permanent or henna tattoos, but if you want to go to the one I went, always remember it’s AIR-CONDITIONED.

After breakfast we immediately went to do the henna tattoo. It was really scary because while I was choosing the tattoo design I want, there was a buzzing sound from the tattoo machine (for permanent tattoos) and I had a little bit of trust issues because I thought “What if they misunderstood and do a permanent on me instead” but it turned out they didn’t even use the machine for me so all’s good.

The designs come in a wide variety, other than the floral henna designs they also have designs that would appear in the form of temp tatts, such as a tiger’s face, butterflies, horoscope symbols, flowers, feathers etc. None of them appealed to me until I saw this huge feather that half dissolved into a million birds. ๐Ÿ˜

This was also the design my cousin did but she said hers was smaller. Isn’t it just beautiful? ๐Ÿ˜

I know you guys are wondering about the prices, well mine was P800 which was $23.24 SGD (17.23 USD) . It’s quite expensive but in my opinion was pretty worth it. You can do this henna tatt and then go out to the beach or pool for photoshoots, and after that it would last for days! (Specifically 1 week and then it would start to fade) It’s also very Tumblr-worthy. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒš

The tattoo artist first rubbed some stuff on my arm and then placed the feather design (which was printed on paper) onto my arm. He then used water (?) to pat the paper firmly onto my arm and when he lifted it, the pen-traced design was on my arm! It’s magical science I swear.

He then prepared some black henna and transfered it into a mini squeeze bottle. Then, he started to trace the outlines of the feather and added some details to make it look more real.

After an hour, wash it off and voila! You get a beautiful black henna tattoo โค๏ธ

My mom did 1 too but it was a much smaller version, on her calf. Hers was P200 aka 5.81 SGD / 4.31 USD.


After both our hennas were done we went to the beach to do nothing. 8) Mum did massage, while my dad and I alternated between sun tanning, napping and stepping into the sea. TBH, it would be 10 times more relaxing if the weather wasn’t so hot. The sun was literally shining on me and even though I was lying really still trying to fall asleep, I was still sweating profusely omg. By lunchtime I was quite irritated by the heat and hence didn’t bother to take any pics of lunch, but it was pepperoni and ham pizza from Don Vito as well as a mango shake that saved my life. I think I swallowed about half of the mango shake (meant to be shared with 2 other people) and only ate after the ice cooled me down. The pizza was great though. So cheesy yum โค

Then we finally went back to the cool hotel room phew.

Took this while my parents were napping in the hotel room. ๐Ÿ’ž

After they woke up from their afternoon nap, it was already 5pm +, but they insisted on going out to find the Real Coffee and Tea Cafe for tea break (yep, rec by ladyironchef again haha) so I was like ya ok fine but we are gonna feel too full for dinner…

We asked the counter how to get to the cafe and she said turn left, and stop when you see Seaworld as the cafe is on the second floor of it, and it should take 10 minutes to walk there.

What I later found out was

1) it took like probably only 3 minutes to walk there

2) Seaworld is beside the cafe, the cafe itself had 2 floors

So I was like ??? ๐Ÿ˜ณ but still excited bc I love going to cafes!! โ˜บ๏ธ


Real Coffee and Tea Cafe is well-known for their ‘legendary’ calamansi muffins, so be sure to try that if you get a chance to visit! We also tried their brownie, and it was equally good! So rich in chocolate and it was easy to swallow down, not too dry. To wash the desserts down, I had a mocha (they made it such that coffee was added with chocolate milk, which was different from the usual mocha served in other places), mom had a latte and dad had a ‘Real Coffee’ which was basically black coffee.

Oh yeah, we were directed to the second floor for a seat, and it had a traditional hut/house vibe, with a cozy open kitchen, counter as well as tables and chairs. They had a high chair + table too, which faced out to the beach and was pretty cool. (Also literally because of the winds)

Moist and sweet calamansi muffin โค
Mocha, calamansi muffin and brownie <3.<3
Coffee with a beach view โค
When tea break was done we went back downstairs and decided to take more shots with the sunset.


I know I said I took many pics but I can’t upload them all because I just realised the free version of WordPress has a 3 GB limit of photo storage space -_-. Need to start rationing…

Anyway, the iPhone camera does sunsets no justice omg. In real life it was so much prettier. The sky was legit PURPLE, and on both sides of the beach (if you turn left / right) the view is different but both pretty. โค ^ This was the right side which had many sailboats.


^ If I turn left instead…

Love how the blue water complements the pale and pink sky <3.<3

Since we often walk the right side of station 2, we decided to explore station 1.

There were pubs, restaurants, a Starbucks, and a market called Bamboo Market which is also like d*mall.

For dinner we settled on Filipino food at Mesas (?) which was also part of Henann Group. Btw, I forgot to mention in the previous post but if you dine at a place that’s related to Henann Group, you’ll get a 10% discount off your total if you charge it to your hotel room!

Again, we decided to sit outdoors on the beach. There were also live singers but they were’nt very good so tbh during dinner we were just like “… Sorry but they really can’t make it…” 

Food was good though.

We had sisig, which was fried tofu skin that had fillings wrapped in it. They had a vegetarian one (tofu most probs) and a pork one. I thought the pork was meat so I said okay when my dad wanted to get the pork, but in actual fact it was pork fat. OMG. I felt a little nauseous after I found out bc 1) so much fats 2) i dislike the taste of fats and the nausea was part of my subconsciousness. 

Also fried vegetables, and fried fish bites with 4 different sauces. 

That’s all for Day 4 ciao. 


#140616 Boracay Day 3

Today’s main highlight is parasailing!!!

It’s something like that but higher. I didn’t take any photos bc we were’nt allowed to bring up anything (would be too scared to snap pics too) so it’s time for pictureless story time again ๐Ÿ˜

Okay so first we had to go to their mini HQ by the beach to ‘sign away our lives’ hahah okay not exactly that but to sign some kind of form probably related to safety and not being liable to your life and you chose to do this so be safe and don’t blame me if you fall and die or something.

Once that was done we had to take a boat to this floating platform which parks boats for parasailing as well as banana boats (or are they called flying fish?) and were asked to sit for a moment before getting onto the parasailing boat and during those few minutes I started to think stupid thoughts like “What if the para shoot string breaks?”, “Will I die or will I float? But then I’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere while they zoom off without me” and then that made me super nervous and I was this close to pulling out but my seat was already paid for so it would be a waste of money…

“Okay, get on the boat.”

So I got on with my parents. No ragrets, and I won’t die, it’s very safe. (Was what I kept telling myself)

We had to put on life jackets as well as strap on the harness (?) to get clipped on to the parashoot so that we could fly and get whisked away into the sky.

Once 3 of us were properly strapped in, we were asked to go to the back of the boat where the parashoot was and sit with out legs stretched out. Then… 3…2…1… We were lifted up and soarin into the sky.

TBH at first it was REALLY scary bc you were only hanging by 2 straps and there weren’t any proper chair-like seats. As I was getting higher and further from the boat I was screaming as if I’m on a roller coaster and when I looked down into the sea I was so afraid I would drop in abruptly.

But then after a few minutes the height of the parashoot was stablelised (it didn’t go as high as I thought it would) and I realised it was safe to let go of one hand from the straps as long as I stayed absolutely still, I started to relax and properly enjoy the sea view. When I looked down, the sea had streaks of bubbles that resemble marbled beef and it was a really pretty blue and white. It was also peacefully quiet with wind blowing in my face. The whole thing was 30 minutes and it felt so short. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The landing was slow and steady too, we just had to stand up when we reached the boat and were back on ‘land’ again.

Question: Would I do it again if given the opportunity?

Yes, I think. Since I’m already familiar with the feeling of taking off and landing. But probably not in a row hahaha too intense for me.

We were dropped off at Station 1 and I coincidentally saw Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar, which was recommended by ladyironchef on their “Boracay Food Guide: 7 Places That You Must Try” post from the website. (link:ย http://www.ladyironchef.com/2015/01/boracay-food-guide/) and so of course I dragged my clueless mom and dad there to get them to try the mango shake heh.

(Before we went to Jonah’s mom & I took some shots of the beach)

^My mom’s very proud of this jumpshot haha.

^ Parasailing was…ย ย ^ Doggie

^ Mango shake without milk

A small issue was that mango shake was recommended and the original had milk, that’s why it’s called a shake, but my mom ordered without milk, which was basically just mango & ice?? So that would be the goodness of the mango, not Jonah’s good proportioning skills of milk and stuff. So I was like err… But too late for regrets, as we only went there once since it was at Station 1 not 2 where we stayed… It was good tho I enjoyed the iciness mixed with blended mango.

^Mom trying to step cool

^ Me too
I wished Jonah’s was at Station 2 so I can try their other milkshake flavours ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We chanced upon D*Mall on the (tricycle) ride back to the hotel, and decided to stop there to see what the hype was about.

We walked a round around the mall, which had shops selling food and souvenirs (mostly). As it wasn’t air conditioned, the walk was super tiring (mentally) as I was trying to remain in zen mode despite the heat making me sweat literal buckets… It was sO HOT URGH.

^Didn’t actually eat there but thought the display was cuteย 

^Doggie that camouflaged really well with the floor. I didn’t even notice it until I looked into the shop and saw the dog ๐Ÿ˜ณ
^ Got 3 of these large starfishes at 3 for 120 pesos, as well as a traditional fan bc we were hot af ๐Ÿ™„

After that we went to the beach to cool down and take more beach pics before lunch.

Lunch was I โค๏ธ Backyard BBQ, also recommended by ladyironchef.

^ Loving the witty wall decors to attract customers

^ Well marinated half-chicken
^ Bangers & mash

^ Honey & lime tea

The food was quite good even though we didn’t order their specialty which was pork. The atmosphere was light and fun too with upbeat music and friendly waiters.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to wind down before going back out for sunset watching on a sail boat! No pictures but we had to sit in the nets on both sides of the sail boat and just ride out into sea, enjoying the winds and… getting splashed (drenched) every now & then with salt water. Of course the main highlight aka sunset was mega beautiful. All the sunsets there were purple and as we move further to sea, the shape of the clouds kept changing. โค๏ธโ˜๏ธ

When that was over I felt mega salty (literally) & wet because I had sweat + salt water over me and desperately needed a shower. So hotel we go to freshen up before dinner!

The Chee family recommended the buffet dinner at Sea Breeze Cafe (part of Henann Hotel Group) so we decided to go there for dinner!!

The overall set up and decorations were quite atas looking, there were also live singers and upbeat music that the waiters and chefs dance to, so again, very summery and lively vibes from there.

The food selection was also super wide omg.

To get in we had to stick this around our wrist and it resembles a kind of bracelet
IDK why I took this photo LOL
There were no drinks at the buffet tables but you could order drinks from the list here!
I thoroughly enjoyed the first round of buffet bc 1) the steak was so juicy 2) prawns tasted so fresh and sweet 3) mashed potatoes + gravy was SO creamy and savoury omg one of the best mashed potatoes I’ve had in my life // the mussel was well-marinated too.
Main course!
Appetisers that I tried to display nicely just because I felt like it haha. The cheesy tuna melt bun was good bc the bun was sweet and chewy โค
They had a wide selection of desserts too like donuts, kueh, fruits, and ^ DIY halo halo!
ย Halo halo is mix mix translated to Filipino. Yuni (My good pinoy IG pal) advised that I had to mix the dessert to enjoy it and I later found out it was to mix the big lump of yam paste at the top. So basically Halo Halo is like ice kachang but the toppings are a little different and it’s main ingredient is yam paste.

I wanted to try the other desserts too but in the end I didn’t because at that time the chefs and waiters were doing a special birthday event where they mass danced in front of the restaurant / cafe while pulling in random guests to dance with them and the fam and I were so caught up in the music to eat more LOLOL. At first mom and I were just bobbing along to the music at the side but a waiter saw us and pulled us in too…

I refused at first but mom went with it so I had no choice + I was in a i-dont-care-about-what-people-think-i-just-wanna-be-crazy-and-have-fun mood so we entered the dance floor woo.

From that event I learned how to dance to Psy’s Gentleman and Watch Me Whip, which are both songs that I find stupid LOL how ironic because I had fun dancing it haha.

After dancing mom and I were still high so mom suggested going to the open bar next door for some drinks. They also had 1-for-1 for selected cocktails and I thought we could choose different drinks like Starbucks but it was actually 2 same drinks so we had a total of 6 drinks omg.

Beer, mojito & mango cocktail

I challenged myself to drink 2 cups of my mango cocktail but I could only manage half a cup omg what a loser LOL. Mom had to help me with the drink…
But we had fun bobbing and dancing in the sand to the club music x)
That night was when I truly experienced the saying “The night is still young”, and it was eye-opening as well as fun! Slept at 1 am that day hahaah.

#130616 Boracay Day 2ย 

Today is Day 2 which means I get to try Henann Garden Resort’s buffet breakfast for the first time!! As expected there was a wide spread of food, with a lot of pastries, bread, as well as savoury main course food items. They tasted good too! But the coffee wasn’t nice lol starting to miss kopi… (At least it helped me to shit today ahahahah)

Oh and btw this morning (and I think every morning will be like that) I was awaken by an actual rooster at 6.30 am… At first because the sound was so consistent I thought my parents set an alarm with the rooster ring tone but it had been going for very long and I was wondering why nobody went to off the alarm / why won’t the alarm stop since their phones are Samsung.

Then while I was half silently going “shut up rooster or I will kill and eat you” and half going like “rooster pls let me sleep I beg u” then the rooster suddenly zao xia omg it was damn funny. That zao xia made me realise that it was a real rooster hahaha then after that I couldn’t sleep anymore so I just woke up…

Anyway today we went island hopping after breakfast. We took this weird transport to get to the jetty by the beach.

It’s kinda my wish come true bc I’ve always wanted to sit in the vehicle that’s attached to a motorbike but the problem is this one is like windowless so I kept smelling other vehicles’ petrol bleugh.

We took the boat of course and the waters were so pretty it was like deep blue ๐Ÿ˜

Crystal Cove โžก๏ธ Crocodile Island โžก๏ธ Lunch โžก๏ธ Puka Beach

1. Crystal Cove

Gr8 place, very hot, very sweaty, got caves and nature and a very long walkway. I suffered a lot here bc for some unknown reason my nose started running and it didn’t stop, I seriously used up an entire packet of tissues… And it was extremely hot so I was misting & sweating too wow the feeling was horrible I just wanted to get back on the boat and sleep lolol.
Along the walkway we came across a random cave that has us crouching low to get across and inside the cave. When we reached the inside of it it was an open space with crystal blue waters and it was beautiful yes :’) I would have enjoyed it more if my nose didn’t start running again gdi -_-

So anyway when the walk was over we had a coconut (which wasn’t chilled ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) and then when we waited for the boat to come it sTARTED RAINING. I was like, “Wow! Could my day go any worse?? :-))” And then from that moment on I started to give zero f***s about my things getting wet (even my presh Tabom Market bag) bc there’s no point in saving them anymore LOL everythings gon be wet yo. (Since all I had was a raincoat)

^ The bridge we had to cross to get into the cave
Beautiful shot from the cave by my mom.

2. Crocodile Island

Then we headed to Crocodile Island, which thankfully has no real crocodiles bc the guide said we were going snorkeling. The boat was stopped at a spot near C. Island and then we were given snorkel gear and could snorkel for 45 minutes.




Except I didn’t snorkel bc I was hella scared of not being able to touch the sea floor and was like holding on to dear life (aka my mom) to prevent myself from floating away to goodness knows where… My parents reported that there were nice fishes and corals and it was a pity I didn’t look into the sea but I was like “haha its ok you guys just look at the sea im fine by myself as long as I have my life lel”

I hate that I’m so afraid of water bc I can’t swim… I know I have to learn sometime but I got no guts!! After 2 failed attempts at learning to swim… Actually I didn’t even complete learning something other than school. Ballet, swimming, piano, korean… All of em are given up halfway omg I suck seriously. All these for my good grades but my grades still end up horrible. #thisiswhyigotnotalents:’)

3. Lunch

We stopped for lunch which was buffet-styled. There were coke, water, beer, fried shrimp (fave), satay (fave), veg, rice, steamed fish & watermelon. Nothing interesting except that mom & I got free ‘I โค๏ธ Boracay’ bracelets bc we rejected their offer to buy it lol oops.

4. Puka Beach

At this point in time mom & I were already tired and lazy so we decided to just chill on the chairs and do nothing. We could hog as many chairs as we like but were told that first we had to buy drinks, so dad got coke and mom got mango shake. (I’m tellin ya, our fam legit drank mango shake every single day we were here in Boracay because it was just so.good. Also, I think it’s mango season.) She had a massage while I just sat there soaking up the sun. Papa went to take some vids and photos bc the place was really beautiful.

Funny selfie but ya this was what I was doing haha

After mum was done with her massage she asked me to go pick seashells and corals with her.


^ Made with Boomerang haha. She managed to collect a lot of corals, and I managed to take a lot of photos so yayz.


Have you seen such clear, rubbish-less, blue water before? Now I have because of Puka beach & Boracay ๐Ÿ˜

The last stop was a relaxing end to this tour and I was ready to go back and shower as well as wind down. So we took the boat back, and I was planning to just relax on the boat ride back, admiring the blue ocean, but the water just has to be choppy that day and I got drenched with seawater (including my bag) from head to toe ๐Ÿ˜ฉ My bag ended up smelling like dried fish the next day ๐Ÿ˜ญ

But overall it was a fun and tiring experience ๐Ÿ˜€ I felt like I done a lot of exercise so wew.

Before heading back to the hotel room to bath, my parents got some MacDonald’s fries & nuggets to snack on while rinsing off in the pool. I also asked for a coke ice blend which tasted like 7-11’s Slurpee and it was so refreshing ๐Ÿ˜

^!!! featuring my free Boracay bracelet.

For dinner we decided on an Italian restaurant called Don Vito because we saw them selling gelato the previous night!

The restaurant is actually in front of a hotel, and this is the view we get when we requested for an outdoor seat! The water part is actually a pool and the view is really pretty :’)

There’s also lanterns and plants so it makes the dining area seem like it’s a part of a fairytale. โค๏ธ

Oh yeah, another reason why we decided to eat there was because they had happy hour which means 1-for-1 for any cocktail you order. The blue drinks belong to my parents but my mom ended up drinking both because my dad got sick of it real quick haha. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Cream of Mushroom ๐Ÿ˜

Pepperoni, olives, ham and mushroom thin-crusted pizza. ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ•

Can’t forget about the greens, so we had a chicken & fruits salad.ย 

Paella that took 30 minutes to cook. I love the way the rice is seasoned ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ฏ

Bottom: Cappucino gelato

Top: Hazelnut gelato

It looked like a single-scoop but is actually a double, it’s just very compressed together. The gelato tasted different but the flavours were there.

Overall I enjoyed the dining experience and food as there were also singers who sang live and their music choices as well as good voice makes my mood go up up up! The decors of the restaurant were also magical ๐Ÿ’ž

That marks the end of Day 2. ๐Ÿ˜

#120616 Boracay Day 1ย 

It’s finally the holidays (term break) again after 2 months!! (haha ok that’s quite short but to be fair my holidays are only 3 weeks and I have essays + projects due ๐Ÿ˜ช)

My mom suggested going to Tokyo but my dad didn’t want to so he decided on Boracay bc the Chee family went once and had good reviews on it.

Since it was a 10.55 am flight, we left the house at 8.45 am after breakfast and got to the airport to drink & eat stuff to kill time… I had Boost (bc I haven’t had it for quite long) and the parents had coffee again haha.

^ Kids size of the usual fave, Strawberry Squeeze huehue.

Then we got to the airplane, which is from Tiger airlines. (Budget airlines so the lunch was not of high standards but it was edible la. I just wished I ordered Nasi Lemak instead of Mutton Briyani cos it was nicer)

I was shocked when I first set eyes on it lol. Like omg where is the mutton but it was beneath the paste thingy no worries hahah and I got free coffee but it smelled & tasted like ciggs so I didn’t even drink it ew.

After abt 3 + hours we reached Kalibo Airport and to get there we had to climb stairs down the plane and walk there hahaha and the airport is really small, it’s just 1 small room and has no going up or down escalator. So you get everything done all at once which is kinda convenient.

A funny thing happened during check out at Kalibo airport (is that called check out??) lmao. I looked quite different from myself in my passport and this resulted in the guy at the counter asking me to say my NRIC and then when I finished he was like “It doesn’t look like you” hahahah ๐Ÿ˜‚

Then we had to take a 1.5 hour bus ride to the jetty, then take a small bus ride to our hotel’s private jetty, then take a 7 min boat ride to our hotel’s beaches, and finally a bus to the hotel. Long journey manz.

By the time we were done with travelling & check in it was already 5 or 6 pm?

So we decided to head out for dinner~ Oh btw the hotel is absolutely pretty. It has this European setting and it’s just ๐Ÿ˜ Mega lux.

^They gave fruits too and the mangoes smell really good (and are real soft and sweet yum ๐Ÿ˜)

We asked the counter where to get dinner and she said there’s a Garden Cafe at the hotel, or alternatively we could go out for a 2 min walk to the beach where there’s a walkway of restaurants and shops. So we did (tho I was lazy lelel).

It was already dark out and along the way we saw a few beautiful sandcastles with candles inside so we went to take photos with it but then after that a guy came up to us and when like “ๆ”ถ่ดน” wow you sneaky guy lolol he asked for 50 peso so my mom gave it to him bc what can we do we already took the photos #goodmarketingstrategy

We chose to turn left after we got out of the hotel and it was the wrong move man. Our dinner was like this cheapskate buffet with plastic cups they use at secondary school lolol. But I guess it was not inedible, the spring roll was good haha #seebeautyineverything

And we also got to watch fire performance!!


^ this was before dinner

Then we had this walk back and uh other than having our first mango shake in Boracay nothing much happened hahaha yeah that’s all for Day 1.

Polaroid to end off this post!!