18/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 3

Day 3 started off on a good note because the breakfast place we wanted to try did serve good breakfast food!! The restaurant is called Gobo Restaurant. We ordered gong zai noodles with pork cubes and satay beef slices. This time the soup was already seasoned, and it was flavourful! (They probably poured the whole … Continue reading 18/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 3


I’m back LOL

Hello... I've been pretty dead on this blog for a few months now because I thought I would switch to vlogging since it appeals to more people and is easier to edit, but these days I have changed my mind again and felt like returning to blogging lol. The reason is because vlogs are more … Continue reading I’m back LOL

Being an International Kpop Fan Sucks…

Hi I'm back again even though there's nothing exciting going on in my life because I simply felt like writing something that isn't school-work related. πŸ™‚  So yeah, I seriously dislike being an international Kpop fan. The main reason is because in our baes' eyes, we don't exist at all, the most notice we get … Continue reading Being an International Kpop Fan Sucks…