17/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 2

During this trip 3 out of the 4 breakfasts were eaten outside the hotel as we wanted to have the cha caan teng for breakfast experience! On day 2 we had our first cha can teng experience and it was just average lah…

We had gong zai noodles aka maggi mee with fried egg and whatever ingredients you want to put in. We had luncheon meat and beef slices. They also gave us sesame oil and MSG seasoning to add in. I tried the soup before adding the seasoning in and it tasted like maggi mee water… So I added the oil and seasoning and it tasted better, like what you taste when you cook maggi mee at home lor… I also ordered a HK-style milk tea and it tasted like teh with no sugar aka tea and milk. Had to add sugar on my own as well.

Overall my experience there wasn’t the best as I found that Toast Box does a better job… Or maybe I am just biased towards Toast Box…

After breakfast we decided to walk further to digest the food and explore the area for a bit. Guess what we found? A much better cha can teng with a more extensive breakfast menu. πŸ™‚ But since we still had 2 more days in HK we decided to have breakfast there the next day.

We decided it was enough exploring for the morning so we finally went to buy tickets and take the MTR to visit The Coffee Academics at Causeway Bay.

At the end of the day I realised it was really not worth it… We went all the way there just for this Cafe which had black coffee that tasted like Nescafe coffee (according to my parents as I didn’t drink it). I ordered a Jawa latte which was good though, the foam tasted like coconut, sugar and cream which went really well with coffee and milk. I also got yelled at by my mom for running across the road without looking “to take pictures”. Truth was, I didn’t even plan to take pictures, I only went because my dad called me and I thought something happened… Sigh I feel so yuan wang…

Then we took a bus to Stanley Market. It was a double decker bus and was a rather long (and bumpy) journey. Parents said we have been there before but I couldn’t remember it at all… The view was quite pretty!

We were just stopping and taking photos for a little bit when this Korean boy (he looks around 15/16?) approached me to help him and his dad take a picture with the view. I pushed it to my sister since she said she takes nice pictures but I ended up trying to take photos for them anyway… But I couldn’t take any as his phone kept blacking out and it had this loading sign on it? I wanted to tell him “an bo yo” which was “I can’t see” but I was shy lol so I didn’t but in the end he said the same thing to his dad so I WAS CORRECT YES. I also wanted to say “neomu geun gyeo yo” aka “it’s lagging a lot” but YES I WAS SHY so of course I didn’t… I still regret it a bit now but it’s okay it’s over.

There were also many shops and as it was the Christmas period, there was even a Finnish Christmas festival selling Finnish food and some random items like candles and earrings. We bought warm red wine and sausages with sauerkraut (this word is so hard to spell) and I felt like I was in Finland again. πŸ˜€ The food was good too!

We then headed to Mammy’s Pancakes which was at Tsim Sha Tsui. We could smell it before we even saw the shop and apparently it was on the 2016 and 2017 Michelin guide on recommended street food!!

I would say that they deserved it. They had quite a few flavours like green tea, green tea with chocolate, sesame, sweet potato, cheese, and many more. The egglets were crispy on the outside and squishy on the inside, which to me makes a perfect egglet! I was so impressed by the texture, egginess and flavour. 10/10!!! We got the original and green tea ones, both were good! The green tea one had a rather strong matcha flavour which I liked because you know, I paid for green tea flavour.

Lunch was dimsum again and it wasn’t very fantastic again… The carrot cake and prawn har gao were good but the rest were quite average. The best dim sum I’ve eaten is still the one at Thompson (in Singapore) BUT IT CLOSED DOWN I AM SO SAD SIGH. We also ordered veggies but they forgotten about it 😦

We also went to The One shopping mall because I wanted to check out StyleNanda. I saw on some post that the one at The One (lolol) was the store to give you the full StyleNanda experience but we found out that the store at the mall connected to our hotel was much much bigger?? Yes, day 2 was full of bad life choices… :”) We did buy some 3CE make up though. (and a hair treatment tint!! can’t wait to try it)

Dinner was back in Mong Kok again. We went back to the hotel to bathe and rest before heading out again. Was pretty satisfied with dinner hehe FINALLY. The char siew rice, egg and wintermelon soup was so good!! Mom said HK people like cooking soups so their soups are nice.

After dinner we walked quite far before reaching Temple Street but it was so anti-climatic… The stores were so small and the items sold were just thrown onto the table in a mess… I wouldn’t want to shop if the items are displayed like that… My sister and I also got pushed by some angsty guy on our way there which was so not worth it. (The impact of the push was quite big? Not your regular push.)

We spotted a Hui Lau Shan on the way there so we thought we could end the night on a sweet note with good desserts but guess what? The standard of Hui Lau Shan deteriorated so much WTF. In the past they sold good quality guay ling go and mango shaved ice desserts but now the guay ling go comes in a small plastic tub and the mango shaved ice (& all of the other desserts) comes in sets, like you have to pick fries, chicken wings, etc to go with your dessert and they ain’t even nice… My family and I were so disappointed at the drop of the standard…

Well yeah that’s it for day 2, as you can tell it wasn’t very fruitful or satisfying lol but you can’t always have good days I guess.


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