19/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 4 (Last Day)

Oooh look who's at the end of a series of holiday posts!! Nayana it me!!! Hahaha. On the last day we ate buffet breakfast at our hotel! It costed around $20+ SGD which is so expensive but a normal price for buffet breakfasts according to my mom. The food was quite good and there was … Continue reading 19/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 4 (Last Day)


18/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 3

Day 3 started off on a good note because the breakfast place we wanted to try did serve good breakfast food!! The restaurant is called Gobo Restaurant. We ordered gong zai noodles with pork cubes and satay beef slices. This time the soup was already seasoned, and it was flavourful! (They probably poured the whole … Continue reading 18/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 3

17/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 2

During this trip 3 out of the 4 breakfasts were eaten outside the hotel as we wanted to have the cha caan teng for breakfast experience! On day 2 we had our first cha can teng experience and it was just average lah... We had gong zai noodles aka maggi mee with fried egg and … Continue reading 17/12/17 – Hong Kong Day 2