I Was Fooled By Dolce Tokyo’s Escalator Ad

Hi. So I just had lunch at Dolce Tokyo and I feel so cheated that I had to write a review on the spot.

A few weeks ago I saw pretty photos of the mains and dessert that Dolce Tokyo offers on an escalator ad in Bugis Junction. The ad stated that Dolce Tokyo is a Japanese-Italian restaurant and there were pictures of matcha parfaits, pizza, cakes, tea, etc. I was impressed and wanted to try it for quite some time now, and I finally got to today.

When my family and I reached Dolce Tokyo’s entrance, we found out that it was by MOF. I don’t know if there is a MOF logo but I didn’t see one on the escalator ad so I thought it was more of a fusion restaurant that is like Hoshino and Miam Miam.

We decided to give it a try nevertheless as we were impressed by the pictures of the food we saw. When we went in we saw a photo of a dessert bento, and my dad was like “Wah, now dessert also got bento.”

Their menu offered a lot of desserts, maybe about 5 pages worth of desserts? I was impressed by their wide selection of desserts but we ordered mains and drinks first.

I got an iced matcha latte while my mom got a hot matcha latte. I found the iced one a little too sweet for me. It was like a melted down version of green tea ice cream. However, I liked the hot one as it wasn’t as sweet.

For mains we ordered ham and mushroom pizza and pork ribs with fries.

Both are just so-so.

For the pizza, I found that the crust was too doughy for a thin-crusted pizza. The toppings on the pizza were not as generous as pizzas from other restaurants I’ve eaten at. I would have also liked it more if the pizza stayed warm for longer. The cheese was good though, when you pull the pizza apart there were long strings of cheese.

As for the pork ribs, I found that it was rather hard (is that the right way to describe it…). It was well marinated but did not come off the bone easily. The BBQ sauce that came with it was delicious though. When eaten with the rib, it was a good match. The ribs come with a grilled tomato and a small salad, plus a side of either fries, mashed potato, baked potato or sweet corn. We got the fries and they were crispy throughout the meal and was well-salted! The portions were worth its price as it was enough for 3 people.

All of us found that the mains were not as good as we expected it to be, but were still hopeful for the desserts. We ordered a bowl of zenzai and a creme brulee. Both came with a scoop of matcha gelato.

This bowl of zenzai was bigger than my mom and I had expected. I think this can only be finished if you are sharing with others, unless you are a big eater? Oh yeah, I just mentioned this azuki beans and dango dessert in my previous blog post but I didn’t know its name was zenzai, now I know HAHA. Anyway, the azuki beans were sweet but good! It was served cold which was refreshing after the ribs and pizza. The dango was chewy like the ones in Japan, and the gelato had a creamy matcha flavour. We didn’t finish the azuki as it got a little too much at the end. Overall this dessert was quite nice.

This creme brulee was nice too! It was served with blueberries and roasted marshmallows. Didn’t get to eat the creme brulee with the blueberries but with the marshmallows, it was pleasant on the palette as there was this contrast between the chewy marshmallows and the soft creme brulee. The creme brulee tasted creamy and buttery which I liked but quickly got sick of. Overall good dessert but I would recommend it being shared.

Dolce Tokyo is definitely not the worst restaurant I’ve dined in, the food was actually decent. However, they weren’t of “I’m so going to come back again” standard. Perhaps they specialised in food that aren’t ribs or pizza? Can’t really say that their food is bad as it was my first time dining there and I didn’t try everything. Overall the sweet stuff were too sweet for me and the mains didn’t leave an impression, so I don’t think I would return again. Well, I guess if you didn’t try it you wouldn’t know.


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