20/6/17 Okinawa Day 1 — Farmer’s Produce for Dinner & Grocery Shopping

I’m finally going to sit down and write about my visit to Okinawa in June, after giving so many excuses and delaying it for so long…

When I first heard about the trip I wasn’t that excited as I found out that it was going to be very hot in Okinawa, and I really dislike hot weather. But you know, a vacation is still a vacation so when the date was nearing I got as excited as my family members. I went on this trip with my family, maternal grandmother and my aunt’s family. Rui Yi didn’t go as she was busy with school, and I almost couldn’t make it because I found out that I had to implement a workshop with my project group as part of a project for Managing Services (MNGSSV). At first I was so nervous because I was afraid my lecturers wouldn’t let me implement with other classes instead (as theirs were on different days), but thankfully my lecturers were kind enough to let me go on the trip and implement with other classes instead!

Our flight was around late morning / early afternoon, so my family went to Starbucks for breakfast before meeting up with the rest.

I ordered the sausage and frittata croissant with cheese and it came with a hot brewed coffee. The croissant was good but the coffee wasn’t the best black coffee I’ve had, considering that I’m such a big fan of Starbucks. I do like their iced americano though! Maybe for Starbucks, their iced black coffees are nice but their hot black coffees aren’t, honestly I’m not sure because I don’t drink enough of their hot black coffees. Also in the photo: My sister’s quiche and a cloudy apple juice.

After meeting up with the rest, my sister, Rui Lin, and I took some photos at the airport. I tried to film an intro for my vlog but I failed, which is why my vlog began with a shot of my lunch on the plane, LOL.

Love the view from the plane’s window seat. ❤

We had dinner at Farmer’s Table! It was a buffet-style spread with many mains and desserts to choose from! I really enjoyed the dinner that night. Didn’t take many photos so watch the vlog at the bottom to see what that was like!

Two of the many desserts that I got from the spread. Left: Glutinous rice balls in azuki beans! Loved this one as Japan’s glutinous rice balls (dango) are chewier than the ones we have in Singapore. They are also denser and have a stronger rice scent which I liked. The azuki beans and syrup were mildly sweet and pleasant to eat with the rice balls. Right: Mango sorbet. Liked this one too. Nothing much to describe, just taste like mango sorbet lor.

After dinner we were droved to our hotel. Rui Lin and I were room mates because my grandmother couldn’t stand how slow I usually am and prefers to have my sister as her room mate HAHAHA. Watch the vlog for the room tour!

Just us being typical girls and taking selfies with every mirror we see lol. This hotel room was unique as the sink was outside the toilet. The toilet walls were pink which made the room a little homely. We went to bathe and then the families decided to check out the grocery store that was near our hotel.

Trying to get some aesthetic shots for the gram LMAO.

We ended up leaving with a lot of things, mainly snacks and dry cooking ingredients because everything we saw interested us… By the way, we had to pay extra for plastic bags so we only got enough to fit all of the groceries we bought. Singapore should adopt this method to be more eco-friendly…

Just some of the snacks we got…

Yall, this mentaiko jagabee is so good. After tasting it I understood why people wanted to bring boxes of these back home. It had an interesting buttery taste to it. Okay I can’t really compare this to mentaiko because I’m not sure what mentaiko tastes like, but this flavour is delicious so try it if you come to Japan!

This is chocolate flavoured soy milk! First heard of this from one of my favourite YouTubers, Sharla In Japan. It’s always fascinating to find and see recommended things in real life. The packaging for these soy milk packets are so adorable. Portion is just right and tastes refreshing too. Who would have thought that flavoured soy milk could be this good? Other than chocolate, there are many other flavours too like coffee, tea, sesame and many others! They release seasonal flavours too and can be found in most grocery stores.

Well, that’s it for day 1. It was pretty chill because once we touched down it was already time for dinner. Day 2 onwards will be more exciting, so look out for that! Be sure to check out day 1’s vlog here.

Bye. x


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