Gentle Monster Singapore — It’s Quite Extra

I first heard about Gentle Monster from the YouTuber Joan Kim. Through her vlogs, I learned that 1) Gentle Monster sells pretty (and) unique sunglasses and glasses. 2) Gentle Monster is very, very, extra.

I remember there was a Gentle Monster store in Korea that had nature as their theme and there were huge trees littered among the displays of glasses, which was so memorable and, extra.

I, being a fan of extra things, instantly became a fan of Gentle Monster. Not until recently however, there wasn’t an actual Gentle Monster store in Singapore, just a shop at Orchard that carries some GM sunglasses. BUT!! A few days ago, an actual GM store opened in Ion Orchard!! I saw some photos of it on Instagram and was like….

“I. Need. To. Go.”

So I went!! I dragged Zi Qing along because she knows about Gentle Monster too since she also watches Joan Kim’s vlogs.

Before we could even enter the store, we were already greeted by several mini colourful brooms that were dancing from side to side, stuck on a blue velvet curtain.


Spot that one broom that died from overwork haha. Also, I am lazy to mute the sound from the videos so please pardon my random conversations haha.

​Loved the colours in this display.

​​This is what the first part of the store looked like. There were many random but fascinating displays and of course, none of them were related to sunglasses or glasses. (Please pardon the shaky footage, I took this from my Snapchat).

I was pleased to discover that the store was bigger than I had expected because it meant MORE EXTRANESS FOR EVERYONE. Even the store’s music was extra.

This marble throne with rocks display is sooo pretty, if I was a queen I definitely want this as my throne. (Disliked the red background though it didn’t really match with the marble aesthetic)​

​​Out of all the displays in the store this one was the creepiest… Zi Qing and I couldn’t understand what the babies were for, and the way they turn around made them even creepier. I was so creeped out that I deleted all the photos of them I took in my camera roll… But as ZQ mentioned, at least there is diversity LOL.

My favourite display out of all of them!!


We couldn’t understand this either…

Anyway, I had lower expectations but Gentle Monster Singapore turned out to be rather impressive. There was also a wide range of sunglasses and glasses to choose from, from stylish to quirky, and there are some that I would buy and wear if I had the money for it. I wouldn’t say that it’s as extra as the ones in Korea but the extraness level not bad lah, I’ll give it a 7/10. Come and take a look if you have time to spare and are a fan of extra things!!

Gentle Monster Singapore Flagship Store

2 Orchard Turn ION ORCHARD #01-13 S238801

Opens daily from 10 AM – 10 PM

Phone: 6634 1580



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