#140317 Taiwan Day 1: Chia Yi (嘉义)

Decided to pause blogging about Finland to blog about my Taiwan trip with my dad since I just came back today and still remember the things that I’ve done in Taiwan.

Woke up at 4.30 am on 14th March (Tuesday) to prepare to head to the airport for my 6.55 am flight (via Scoot). I was so tired since I only had 5 hours of sleep. 💀

The flight doesn’t provide on-board meals (you had to buy them separately) so we went to eat breakfast at Ya Kun before boarding.

Changi Airport snapchat filter
Kopi O & Kaya french toast

Then it was time to board~

Arrived in Kaohsiung International Airport!

Oh yes, my dad and I travelled free and easy this time (it was my second visit to Taiwan) so we had no driver on the first and last day,, aka we had to take the MRT from the airport to Zuo Ying Station via the red line, which was 13 stops away.

Before taking the High Speed Rail, we decided to buy some food to eat at the airport’s Family Mart (convenient store) since we were a little hungry and it was lunch time.


I got a roasted chicken onigiri and dad got a strawberry jam bun. I felt that the chicken’s sauce was pretty unique and Taiwan-ish and maybe because I was hungry but that onigiri was yummy haha.

These blue plastic tokens are actually train tickets! If you don’t have a train card, you have to purchase train tickets. When you tap in, you’re required to hold on to your ticket. It’s only when you tap out that you have to throw the ticket into the slot and then the tickets will be recycled again.

The inside of the MRT

Then, we took the High Speed Rail to Chia Yi. So basically, we spent 1/2 the day purely on travelling places 😂.

High Speed Rail ticket

After all that travelling we became hungry so we decided to just have our lunch at the Mos Burger at the HSR station.

I got the seafood rice burger which was nice!
Both of us purchased set meals which came with iced tea and chicken nuggets.

Dad ordered the beef rice burger! From this meal we learned that we should have ordered 1 set meal and 1 ala carte because both of us couldn’t finish our nuggets and iced tea… We always tend to over order sigh…

Then we took a cab to our hotel, Maison De Chine! During the ride the price meter kept increasing every few seconds and although I wasn’t the one paying I could feel my heart breaking omg it was quite scary LOL.

After checking into the hotel, we decided to head out to explore the area near the hotel before having dinner at the Wenhua Road Night Market.


Took this aesthetic photo of some Taiwanese drinks when we went into a convenient store. I was pretty impressed as they have more variety of the Chun Cui He shampoo bottle drinks other than the milk tea and latte ones sold in Singapore. There was a period of time when these were a trend in Singapore because of its unique shampoo bottle design, and they were pretty hard to grab but I finally tried some a few weeks ago and TBH the taste was quite bad… It was like a very sweet and artificial milk tea taste and I found nothing special about it I’m sorry so I didn’t buy it in Taiwan LOL.

While exploring I suddenly spotted 50 Lan, a well-known bubble tea store that was recommended by blogs and friends. It’s as common as Koi in Singapore, but I didn’t know there would be some in Kaohsiung (or the places I would be visiting during this trip) so when I saw this I got so excited. I have been craving bubble tea for a few weeks but have been controlling myself because I knew I would be drinking a lot in Taiwan. I dragged my dad across the street just for this LOL.

50 Lan is the yellow and blue store!

I got the classic pearl milk tea with 1/4 sugar level while my dad got a matcha macchiato. When I tried the first sip, I got to admit that I was pretty disappointed… The milk tea tasted the same as the milk teas from Singapore’s bubble tea shops, it wasn’t especially milky or have a stronger tea taste or anything… The pearls were also too soft, I prefer harder and chewier pearls… The pearls tasted like they weren’t sweetened with sugar syrup as well though I don’t know if they did, so the drink was less sweet than I would have liked. (Well it was partly my fault since I ordered 1/4 sugar but in Singapore when I ordered 0 % sugar the milk tea was still perfectly sweet (not too sweet nor diluted) since the pearls were sweetened with sugar syrup) So… Yeah I was disappointed that it wasn’t very special but I could make do with it.

A cutely-shaped tree spotted by my dad.
After dad got a memory card and tripod for his video camera, we went shopping at the Wenhua Road Night Market!! I got some cute clothes at 50 Percent, a Taiwanese fashion boutique! I haven’t heard of this brand before but when I stepped in, I couldn’t resist trying on some clothing as their clothing are very Korean-style and casual street wear-ish which is my favourite kind of style. http://www.50-shop.com/Shop/ This is their online store!! Dad also got a cozy jacket which he is very satisfied about.

As the sky darkened, my dad decided it was time for dinner so we went to get some fooood.



This is the chicken leg stuffed with fried rice! I was told that my Aunt recommended it so we had to try it. Verdict: It was DE.LI.CIOUS. The outside of the chicken was sprinkled with some seasoning powder, the chicken was juicy and the fried rice had this fish paste + rice kind of taste to it which I liked. Fried rice goes well with the chicken and the whole thing wasn’t messy to eat!

Then, my dad noticed this shop that had a lot of people in it and he was like “This store has lots of people in it, do you want to eat here?” LOOL the power of PSYCHOLOGY.

Anyways, we ordered the shredded turkey rice and a rice cake soup. I liked the rice more as it was drizzled with sweet sauce and the rice were sticky and chewy. The soup was pretty average (as in it was good but didn’t taste special). Since it was the opposite for my dad, I had more rice and he had more soup. By the way, shredded turkey rice is a famous dish in Chia Yi, so be sure to try some if you spot it!


By then we were already quite full but I happened to chance upon this soya bean store which was recommended by blogs too. I was kind of hesitating because I already had 2 cups of sweet drinks that day but my dad looked like he wanted to try it so I was just like “Okay fine since I’m on holiday, I’m bound to eat a lot of unhealthy food these days anyway.”

A good way to remember this store is the “Since 1963” below the chinese words which read “Jia Yi”

We ordered the hot soya bean milk and my dad also got a meat bun. He seriously has a gigantic stomach capacity man I don’t know how he can keep eating so much food at once HAHAH.

The soya bean milk was good, it was sweet and warm, just what I needed as it was getting chilly at night. The meat bun was good too, the bun was sweet and soft and the toppings in it were generous. Though I would have preferred it if there was lesser fats and more meat.


Oh yes, I also found a shop selling LOTS of cute socks (literally) and I had such a hard time controlling myself to just pick out 2 pairs of socks (1 for me and 1 for my socks-loving friend) because I had already done a lot of damage at 50 Percent… I swear, the choices there are all so Tumblr and ulzzang style I would buy one of each if I was a rich girl but nah I’m broke and the money isn’t even earned by me so gotta appreciate and save money man can’t spend it rashly haha.

After the soya bean milk and bun we decided to walk back to the hotel and wind down for the night. That’s it for Day 1! Bye~

P.S Check out the vlog at this link!! https://youtu.be/G7OKyTNQMXA


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