#191216 Gudetama Café with Zi Qing

A few weeks ago Suntec City opened a character-themed café, and it’s a Gudetama themed one! My favourite Sanrio character is Gudetama (followed by the characters from Sumikko Gurashi) hence when I heard that there’s gonna be a Gudetama café in Singapore, I became so excited 😍😍😍 Anything that’s Gudetama? Idc what it is, just sign me up. ❤️🍳

At first I wanted to go with Salty but not all could make it so I went with Zi Qing instead. I did some research beforehand and apparently The Soup Spoon & Joe & Dough were the companies that collaborated to open this café. That got me even more excited because I know the food from TSS is good and JAD had pretty good reviews. I also heard there were crazy waiting times if we don’t go early (3 hours… OMG…) so I made sure to go as close to their opening time as possible 😂 #kiasusingaporean I agreed to meet ZQ at the Promenade station at 9 am but somehow I went to Esplanade instead (??? wyd @memory) ((Esplanade station is nearer than Promenade station!)) and ZQ came later than me so I thought I should go queue first but it turned out there were still empty tables, and we didn’t have to queue YAS.

So… Protip: If you don’t want to queue, being kiasu is the best way to go. 👍🏻 (Woke up at 7.30 am on a school holiday ajxjnfkesi)

There were 2 shop spaces for this café and I wanted to sit here^ bc there’s more natural sunlight (for IG pictures lololol urgh I hate social media) but the staff were having a meeting so we had no choice but to sit in the other café area.

Btw, the café’s location is 01-361! Quite accessible if you come out from the EAST atrium via Platform A. (ZQ came out from the WEST so she got a litte lost and had to walk quite a bit 😂)

Cute interior with many Gudetama characters doing different things ☺️
And waffle ceilings omg 😍

The tables were really adorable too, some were imprinted with a Gudetama character with different words that meant lazy or chill like “nua…” omg I love how they incorporated Singlish into this 😂

Woody tables & a cute Gudetama chilling… What’s not to love??
Even their serviettes have Gudetama on them… Of course I had to bring home 1 LOL #kiasusingaporeanagain

Now on to the food!! ZQ & I took a very long time to decide what to eat because we wanted the same dish and it would be a little stupid to order 2 of the same meal so I had a hard time deciding what else I wanted to eat. I wanted the waffles with chicken but it seemed like a very small portion + it was rather pricey so I was hesitating. So in the end I got a burger with fries (“Are you busy?” Burger) and ZQ got the “I’m cold” Smoked salmon eggs benedict set. I also got a cappucino as I wanted to see how good Joe & Dough’s coffee were.

Look at how cute it is 😭 With that little Gudetama sitting on my coffee doing… Stuff… (The lines were too thick to make out what it was doing) Taste-wise, it was like a normal cappucino, so it wasn’t exceptionally good but it wasn’t bad. I think I still prefer Kopi-O bc it’s cheap and good 😂 It was good though I didn’t add sugar!

Me with my burger 🍔 & coffee ☕️! ☺️

The expression on the top burger bun + it being tilted makes it look so sad 😂😂😂 The burger had beef, bacon, an egg & cheese. Totally heart-attack and fat-worthy. I found the beef patty a little hard for my liking, but the bread and egg were good! The yolk is runny when you cut into it, so yolk haters, take notes! The sauce was rather unique, I thought it was peanut satay sauce but it tasted like… I can’t really put a comparison to it but it was sweet, crunchy (?) and a little like mayonnaise? I forgot LOL.

This is the “I’m cold” smoked salmon eggs benedict! The eggs benedict itself came with smoked salmon, avocado, poached eggs, salmon roe and zesty sauce. The meal also came with tater tots (basically mini hash browns) & salad.

After tasting both, (we shared both meals) I would prefer the eggs ben to the burger as it was something special aesthetically (I mean, cute gudetama faces on eggs… Yes pls) ((also I wonder what the faces are made of)) and taste-wise. It’s also cheaper but you get a wider variety of food like the salad, hash browns & eggs ben 😍

^ #kiasusingaporean moment 3: sharing your meals so you can try both 😂

Overall the portion was quite big for what we chose which I was satisfied about since the prices were creating a hole in our wallets. I reached a point where I was so full although I haven’t finished the whole thing. 😱

^ Just a heads up to what you’re signing up for if you decide to visit this café… #restinpieces

After the meal we walked around Suntec but other than Tokyu Hands there weren’t many interesting stores and I wanted to go to Kinokuniya so we took the MRT to Taka yayy. (I’m Kino trash 😭) ((and they are expanding their already gigantic store omg thanks my heart is happy)) I bought some cute stationery and we laughed over some funny books so my Kino cravings (?) were satisfied. ☺️☺️

Also, I would probably bring my family again if they want to and are willing to spend the money. ❤️🍳 I LOVE GUDETAMA.


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