#210916 1st Café Hopping Experience with Bernice & Hai Ting

Today I had my first café hopping experience with Hai Ting & Bernice, aka 3/4 of the exam squad (minus Xin Yin) bc she has school 😥

We first went to Fresh Fruits Lab (FFL) which was a 9 minutes walk from Kebangan MRT station!! Since we met at around 1 pm, we had mains from the café!

Ah I forgot to take a photo of the café’s exterior & interior designs again 😭 I seriously need to make a habit of doing that LOL. The café was decorated with a lab/doctor theme where there was a stethoscope on every table (which works and I heard my heartbeat today and it makes sound amplify which I found so cool). ((That moment when you realise the first time you use a stethoscope is not at the doctor’s but at a café… 😂))

Oh yes, Bernice’s kind friend helped us to call and book a table as she said that it was hard to find a table at lunch time, and in the end we got a table but had to leave at 3 pm as that table was reserved at 3pm, but in the end we didn’t have to leave as there were other available tables. 👍🏻

Anyway, so we got in the café and were immediately served lemon-infused water and 3 test tubes of complementary juice!

The water was served in a beaker and the juice was served in test tubes! How cute is that?? This is probably the only time you can drink from experiment equipments without dying or getting poisoned HAHA. Although the juices were in different colours all of them tasted about the same aka like orange juice but the dark orange one tasted a bit like carrots and all of us couldn’t decide what flavours were they lol.

The menu was super cute too. The pages were compiled together on a clipboard and instead of ‘Menu’ it was titled ‘Lab Report’ hahaha I love how nerdy everything is!

I ordered soft-shell crab pasta which was basically chilli crab pasta with egg and soft-shell crab. I liked it as the sauce given was a lot and it was well-made (it tasted really authentic) and the soft-shell crab came crispy and although it got a little soggy from the sauce it was still nice!! 😍

Bernice ordered shrimp aglio olio which was pretty good too~

Hai Ting ordered the Da Bomb burger which was a burger with a 20g beef patty, fried egg, cheese, bacon & lettuce. It also came with shoestring fries which were so crispy and addictive 💞

Most of the food were around $18-20 SGD but I would say it’s worth it as the portion makes me full and it’s so flavourful 🙆🏻

When we were done with the food it suddenly started pouring and we were quite upset as we originally planned to go to another café for dessert and that required walking to take transport. We were at a loss as to what to do next LOL but after discussing & flipping a coin (thrice bc Bernice failed the first two times 😂) we decided to go to Meet and Melt at Scape for lava toast & over-the-top milkshakes as the outlet at Tampines stopped selling OTT milkshakes 😪

Before that two things happened.

1) I bought mocha bc I was in the mood for coffee


I had it to-go as we wanted to move off already but when my coffee arrived we haven’t decided on a place to go so as I was waiting I opened my cup cover and was pleasantly surprised as there was a heart!! Usually when you takeaway coffee there’s no latte art but this one has! Also the mocha has a rich chocolate taste but also has enough bitterness from the coffee so it’s a yes from me! 🙆🏻❤️☕️

It was still raining after we left so we ran under the rain to the bus stop to get to Meet and Melt. The ride was quite long so we had a good catch-up!

Upon arrival we saw the cafe’s layout and were quite disappointed as we thought it would look pretty from the photos from Instagram’s location tag but 1) it was indoors with basic furniture 2) the lighting wasn’t good since it was in the mall. However, since we were already there we decided to give the food a chance.

toast and milkshake.JPG

We ordered thai milk tea lava toast with lavender earl grey ice cream and chocolate mint OTT milkshakes. I liked the toast a lot as it was warm and buttery. The thai milk tea “lava” was very rich and had that authentic thai milk tea taste. The ice cream itself tasted weird at first, kind of like eating a room freshener? But it gets addictive! When you eat everything together, it’s like heaven. 10/10 would eat again!!!

On the other hand… the milkshake wasn’t very special in my opinion. It just tastes like an overly sweet mint chocolate drink with 012470 other diabetic sweets to pair it with. When I saw OTT milkshakes on the net, I thought “Who would drink/eat this?? I bet it’s so sweet and will give you diabetes or heart attack…” and well when I tried it it wasn’t that bad but it sure was very toxic…

I probably wouldn’t drink the milkshakes again but would definitely go back for their toasts! Other than the sweet toasts, they have savoury toasts as well and it sounds good!

While eating we chatted and didn’t realise it was already late and Hai Ting had to rush off somewhere so we went our separate ways. Overall it was a great cafe hopping experience though it burned a hole in my wallet haha yay!


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