#300816 – #020916 Sleepover With The BFF!

Zi Qing said she wanted to sleepover at my house before she starts work so we had a 4D3N sleepover~ I shall just write the highlights of each day in point form bc we didn’t really do any new or special things…

30th August 2016:

  • ZQ came at night (around 9 pm)
  • We set up her bed and get her settled down
  • We watch videos til late at night

31st August 2016:

  • Baked rice crispies with marshmallow treats + healthy carrot muffins which were all really good
  • Played badminton which was such a workout but was fun. (+ I rented the tennis court for the first time lol)
  • Watched videos at night

1st September 2016:

  • Went to East Coast Park to (try) cycling.
  • Went there by taking an Uber which amounted to only $1.20 lmao bc ZQ used a promo code which she got by recommending me the Uber app. I thought it would be shady but the uncle was really nice and interesting.
  • In the end I failed to cycle bc I couldn’t even master starting off so I gave up LOL.
  • ZQ went further and bought us Starbucks (the new strawberry yogurt drink which was yum) and also her slipper broke so she had to ask me to get her new ones lmao.
  • We wanted to Uber back but my mom offered to drive us home since she ended work early so YAY.
  • Headed to Hougang Mall and we had Nene Chicken as a side dish for dinner! Tried the soy flavoured one in addition to the usual Swicy and I concluded that Swicy is still better 8)
  • Watched videos at night

2nd September 2016:

  • Went to iKEA on this day!
  • Like the other teenagers who obviously can’t afford or have no reason to buy 80% of the items there, we mostly walked around the store and commented about the items sold there haha.
  • Then we had lunch at the canteen aka 2 spring rolls, creamy salmon lasagna (ZQ’s), meatballs with pasta and meat ball sauce (mine), vegetable balls (ZQ’s), almond cake and 2 cups of Nordic lemon water which basically tastes like lemon sprite.
  • ZQ went home early for guitar class.

This sleepover was definitely more fun than the previous one bc we did many uncommon activities and I’m quite happy about it woohoo.


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