#170616 Boracay Day 6 (Last Day)

Note: It’s currently Friday, 24th June and it’s officially a week since I’ve been back. This week has been mentally tiring because other than Monday I’ve been out and about to do my various projects, working with primary 4 kids as well as the elderly from a hospice. Some of the elderly have less than 3 months to live, and the service learning that I’ve done made me realise and learn a lot of things, such as the fact that life is precious and we should treasure every single moment. (Especially with family) But, all these has made me miss Boracay so much, just chilling at the beach, watching sunsets, experiencing new but not so intense things… 😭

Anyway, on to the last day of Boracay.

Since it was the last day, I made it a point to grab my favourite breakfast items and photograph them to show you guys!

^ thai pancake in coconut gravy, garlic rice, potato, over easy eggs (+ new items fish patty & beef) // i had the garlic rice almost every day and I miss it πŸšπŸ’ž
^ french toast that is a MUST-TRY!! It’s soft & fluffy with a strong buttery cinnamon taste and btw it will be gone in minutes once a new batch is released. Also, a weird ‘hybrid’ red & yellow watermelon.

We had a late afternoon flight so we couldn’t mingle around the hotel for very long… After breakfast I dragged the parents to Real Coffee CafΓ© again to bring home more calamansi muffins because I couldn’t forget them. When we were there, (we went there at 7 or 8 am + omg) they were alREADY SOLD OUT OF MUFFINS. WHAT. They came in a box of 6 and the people in front of us bought so many boxes such that there were no more for us 😭 But luckily for us, the couple in front of us gave up one of their boxes for us aww… Kindness from strangers. ❀️

(I think they noticed us because my mom and I were being super loud and dramatic like “hUH?!?! NO MORE???? OMG… WE CAME FOR NOTHING… THE MUFFINS ARE SO GOOD TIL THEY ARE SOLD OUT EARLY IN THE MORNING… THE PEOPLE IN FRONT OF US BOUGHT A LOT OF BOXES…” and they heard us so they gave us a box hahaha)

Then we also dabao-ed MacDonald’s to bring to the airport because we thought there wouldn’t be food there for lunch, but turned out there were quite a few food stalls and cafes at the airport!

^ cheesy macdesal or something couldn’t remember the name basically patty, cheese and scrambled eggs which was yum (what isn’t yum from mac tbh)

^when we sat down at a cafe for mac & coffee we saw lots of instant noodles being sold and were tempted to buy a cup LOL (this was the most popular flavour)
^ had a good seafood taste

^ dinner which was pasta in creamy sauce & sausages which wasn’t that nice lol sorry budget airlines…

Basically thats the end of the trip lol I found it cool that the airport sold bingsu which I didn’t get to try. 😭


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