#160616 Boracay Day 5

This morning we did……..







If you guessed nothing, you are right! πŸ˜‚

The morning started off with breakfast (obviously) then we moved to the beach to chill~ Since it was the second last day, my mom decided to live the ultimate lux life and have a (almost) full body massage for 2 hours. I had a head & arm massage for half an hour. It was very shiok!! I love head massages 😍

After I was done I just sat around reading my book Room which is a really good psychology fiction thats written in the perspective of a 5 year-old-boy. When I bought the book I was unsure of it’s content because the back of the book literally just say

“Jack is 5 years old. He is locked in a room with Ma.”

but it has been good so far. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Worth a read.

Dad suddenly asked me if I wanted to drink Starbucks and I was shocked because my parents don’t usually drink Starbucks so I was like oh sure but internally I was like YAS YAS I DO YAS.

I got an iced soy latte which was so good. πŸ‘πŸ»β˜•οΈ

Then it started to get gloomy and windy which was really nice because it was a change from the burning sun. I was starting to enjoy staying at the beach chilling for hours but parents decided it was better to leave because we might get drenched later on so we did 😦

For lunch we went back to I ❀️ Backyard BBQ because the previous day papa saw that the pork ribs looked good.

^Fried chicken (it has a very unique & fragrant taste 😍) with mayo & pork ribs with fried rice & egg. The ribs were quite salty but were well marinated!!

^ ph’s well-known dessert, halo halo! Finally got to try a legit one but it still didn’t really impress me >< I think it would be better without the coconut shavings and nata de coco…

For dinner dad found a wet market in d*tali papa that sells live seafood. When we went to survey the live seafood, all the fish sellers held out their lobsters at us and shouted “eh! eh! eh!” every time we walked past them and ngl I felt so claustrophobic and annoyed bc it was a walkway surrounded with live seafood on both sides and I didn’t know what was splashing what and the long feelers or something of the lobsters were quite intimidating and just urgh I was glad when my parents finally chose their seafood so I could leave lolol.

There were cooking services & restaurants nearby that offers to help cook your live seafood at a certain price based on the weight of your seafood.

but first, mango shake. #mangoshakealldayeveryday

we had prawns (cooked with vegetables in sour soup) as well as steamed crab.

^look at how huge and juicy the prawn is 😍

^sea praying mantis fried in sauce. (one of my faves from that dinner)Β 

^ sea urchin steamed with egg.

It’s recommended to eat sea urchin as sashimi but my mom wasn’t comfortable with it so we had it steamed! I only had a bite of it and my bite had mostly egg so I didn’t have a clear taste of sea urchin but it tasted different and very distinct. Also sea urchin had a kind of extra ‘service charge’ because it’s more dangerous to handle them due to the long spikes (which they removed as you can see in the photo).

After dinner we had time to shop so we just walked around and of course ended up buying things… (In Β fact a lot since dad realised it was the perfect souvenir place to shop at and bought lots of things for his friends.) ((It was the first time I saw him so excited over shopping & shops it didn’t even happen in sg))

We mostly bought shells, starfishes, souvenirs and shirts.

But guess what we also bought?

weird looking slippers!!!!

At first they seemed corny and lame but it grew on me after spending time in the shop and watching my parents get excited over the various slippers.

I didn’t take many pics but we bought minion slippers (it was a whole minion and they had to cut it into half), turtle slippers, as well as superman logo slippers. πŸ˜‚ I still find it a bit ridiculous so I’ll just wear it to the pool hahaha.
Then we discovered this guy just sitting here writing beautiful names on mini surfboards and were so attracted that we probably spent an hour here buying them because parents bought quite a few for their friends.

As you can see it was pretty cheap because 4 surfboards cost only 100 pesos with free name writing service.

To end off this post, heres an advice: Go to d*tali papa for your souvenir shopping it’s such a great place that my dad went there thrice in a day. ☺️ Bye!


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