#150616 Boracay Day 4 

Towards the later part of the trip we did even more of nothing. If you thought days 1-3 was nothing, days 4-6 is even more of nothing. (WHAT AM I SAYING BUAHAHAHA)

Before this trip my cousin shared that she did black henna tattoo in Boracay. The henna material wasn’t the usual brown (+ rather strong smelling) ones found in Singapore. They were black and smell like men cologne 😍 The design she did was more of a ‘temp tattoo’ style rather than the traditional floral henna designs, and I was attracted by it so I decided to look for the shop she went to and do the tattoo too!

When she sent me the photo of the shop I thought it was in a mall, perhaps d*mall but it turned out that the shop was along the shops at Station 2, by the beach. I happened to see it during the many walks back and forth for food. It’s just beside Subway! I forgot if it’s before or after Subway but as long as you see a Subway, you’re on the right track. 💪🏻👍🏻 Do take note that the shop is an actual shop that is air-conditioned, and if you look in you would see many drawings framed up and stuck onto the walls. When I went the walls were blue, but when my cousin went the walls were green, which was weird but she said perhaps they re-painted the walls hmm…

Also, do not get confused with the million other competing henna tattoo stands by the walkway. All of them offer permanent or henna tattoos, but if you want to go to the one I went, always remember it’s AIR-CONDITIONED.

After breakfast we immediately went to do the henna tattoo. It was really scary because while I was choosing the tattoo design I want, there was a buzzing sound from the tattoo machine (for permanent tattoos) and I had a little bit of trust issues because I thought “What if they misunderstood and do a permanent on me instead” but it turned out they didn’t even use the machine for me so all’s good.

The designs come in a wide variety, other than the floral henna designs they also have designs that would appear in the form of temp tatts, such as a tiger’s face, butterflies, horoscope symbols, flowers, feathers etc. None of them appealed to me until I saw this huge feather that half dissolved into a million birds. 😍

This was also the design my cousin did but she said hers was smaller. Isn’t it just beautiful? 😍

I know you guys are wondering about the prices, well mine was P800 which was $23.24 SGD (17.23 USD) . It’s quite expensive but in my opinion was pretty worth it. You can do this henna tatt and then go out to the beach or pool for photoshoots, and after that it would last for days! (Specifically 1 week and then it would start to fade) It’s also very Tumblr-worthy. 😏🌚

The tattoo artist first rubbed some stuff on my arm and then placed the feather design (which was printed on paper) onto my arm. He then used water (?) to pat the paper firmly onto my arm and when he lifted it, the pen-traced design was on my arm! It’s magical science I swear.

He then prepared some black henna and transfered it into a mini squeeze bottle. Then, he started to trace the outlines of the feather and added some details to make it look more real.

After an hour, wash it off and voila! You get a beautiful black henna tattoo ❤️

My mom did 1 too but it was a much smaller version, on her calf. Hers was P200 aka 5.81 SGD / 4.31 USD.


After both our hennas were done we went to the beach to do nothing. 8) Mum did massage, while my dad and I alternated between sun tanning, napping and stepping into the sea. TBH, it would be 10 times more relaxing if the weather wasn’t so hot. The sun was literally shining on me and even though I was lying really still trying to fall asleep, I was still sweating profusely omg. By lunchtime I was quite irritated by the heat and hence didn’t bother to take any pics of lunch, but it was pepperoni and ham pizza from Don Vito as well as a mango shake that saved my life. I think I swallowed about half of the mango shake (meant to be shared with 2 other people) and only ate after the ice cooled me down. The pizza was great though. So cheesy yum ❤

Then we finally went back to the cool hotel room phew.

Took this while my parents were napping in the hotel room. 💞

After they woke up from their afternoon nap, it was already 5pm +, but they insisted on going out to find the Real Coffee and Tea Cafe for tea break (yep, rec by ladyironchef again haha) so I was like ya ok fine but we are gonna feel too full for dinner…

We asked the counter how to get to the cafe and she said turn left, and stop when you see Seaworld as the cafe is on the second floor of it, and it should take 10 minutes to walk there.

What I later found out was

1) it took like probably only 3 minutes to walk there

2) Seaworld is beside the cafe, the cafe itself had 2 floors

So I was like ??? 😳 but still excited bc I love going to cafes!! ☺️


Real Coffee and Tea Cafe is well-known for their ‘legendary’ calamansi muffins, so be sure to try that if you get a chance to visit! We also tried their brownie, and it was equally good! So rich in chocolate and it was easy to swallow down, not too dry. To wash the desserts down, I had a mocha (they made it such that coffee was added with chocolate milk, which was different from the usual mocha served in other places), mom had a latte and dad had a ‘Real Coffee’ which was basically black coffee.

Oh yeah, we were directed to the second floor for a seat, and it had a traditional hut/house vibe, with a cozy open kitchen, counter as well as tables and chairs. They had a high chair + table too, which faced out to the beach and was pretty cool. (Also literally because of the winds)

Moist and sweet calamansi muffin ❤
Mocha, calamansi muffin and brownie <3.<3
Coffee with a beach view ❤
When tea break was done we went back downstairs and decided to take more shots with the sunset.


I know I said I took many pics but I can’t upload them all because I just realised the free version of WordPress has a 3 GB limit of photo storage space -_-. Need to start rationing…

Anyway, the iPhone camera does sunsets no justice omg. In real life it was so much prettier. The sky was legit PURPLE, and on both sides of the beach (if you turn left / right) the view is different but both pretty. ❤ ^ This was the right side which had many sailboats.


^ If I turn left instead…

Love how the blue water complements the pale and pink sky <3.<3

Since we often walk the right side of station 2, we decided to explore station 1.

There were pubs, restaurants, a Starbucks, and a market called Bamboo Market which is also like d*mall.

For dinner we settled on Filipino food at Mesas (?) which was also part of Henann Group. Btw, I forgot to mention in the previous post but if you dine at a place that’s related to Henann Group, you’ll get a 10% discount off your total if you charge it to your hotel room!

Again, we decided to sit outdoors on the beach. There were also live singers but they were’nt very good so tbh during dinner we were just like “… Sorry but they really can’t make it…”

Food was good though.

We had sisig, which was fried tofu skin that had fillings wrapped in it. They had a vegetarian one (tofu most probs) and a pork one. I thought the pork was meat so I said okay when my dad wanted to get the pork, but in actual fact it was pork fat. OMG. I felt a little nauseous after I found out bc 1) so much fats 2) i dislike the taste of fats and the nausea was part of my subconsciousness.

Also fried vegetables, and fried fish bites with 4 different sauces.

That’s all for Day 4 ciao.



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