#140616 Boracay Day 3

Today’s main highlight is parasailing!!!

It’s something like that but higher. I didn’t take any photos bc we were’nt allowed to bring up anything (would be too scared to snap pics too) so it’s time for pictureless story time again 😁

Okay so first we had to go to their mini HQ by the beach to ‘sign away our lives’ hahah okay not exactly that but to sign some kind of form probably related to safety and not being liable to your life and you chose to do this so be safe and don’t blame me if you fall and die or something.

Once that was done we had to take a boat to this floating platform which parks boats for parasailing as well as banana boats (or are they called flying fish?) and were asked to sit for a moment before getting onto the parasailing boat and during those few minutes I started to think stupid thoughts like “What if the para shoot string breaks?”, “Will I die or will I float? But then I’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere while they zoom off without me” and then that made me super nervous and I was this close to pulling out but my seat was already paid for so it would be a waste of money…

“Okay, get on the boat.”

So I got on with my parents. No ragrets, and I won’t die, it’s very safe. (Was what I kept telling myself)

We had to put on life jackets as well as strap on the harness (?) to get clipped on to the parashoot so that we could fly and get whisked away into the sky.

Once 3 of us were properly strapped in, we were asked to go to the back of the boat where the parashoot was and sit with out legs stretched out. Then… 3…2…1… We were lifted up and soarin into the sky.

TBH at first it was REALLY scary bc you were only hanging by 2 straps and there weren’t any proper chair-like seats. As I was getting higher and further from the boat I was screaming as if I’m on a roller coaster and when I looked down into the sea I was so afraid I would drop in abruptly.

But then after a few minutes the height of the parashoot was stablelised (it didn’t go as high as I thought it would) and I realised it was safe to let go of one hand from the straps as long as I stayed absolutely still, I started to relax and properly enjoy the sea view. When I looked down, the sea had streaks of bubbles that resemble marbled beef and it was a really pretty blue and white. It was also peacefully quiet with wind blowing in my face. The whole thing was 30 minutes and it felt so short. 😦

The landing was slow and steady too, we just had to stand up when we reached the boat and were back on ‘land’ again.

Question: Would I do it again if given the opportunity?

Yes, I think. Since I’m already familiar with the feeling of taking off and landing. But probably not in a row hahaha too intense for me.

We were dropped off at Station 1 and I coincidentally saw Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar, which was recommended by ladyironchef on their “Boracay Food Guide: 7 Places That You Must Try” post from the website. (link: http://www.ladyironchef.com/2015/01/boracay-food-guide/) and so of course I dragged my clueless mom and dad there to get them to try the mango shake heh.

(Before we went to Jonah’s mom & I took some shots of the beach)

^My mom’s very proud of this jumpshot haha.

^ Parasailing was…  ^ Doggie

^ Mango shake without milk

A small issue was that mango shake was recommended and the original had milk, that’s why it’s called a shake, but my mom ordered without milk, which was basically just mango & ice?? So that would be the goodness of the mango, not Jonah’s good proportioning skills of milk and stuff. So I was like err… But too late for regrets, as we only went there once since it was at Station 1 not 2 where we stayed… It was good tho I enjoyed the iciness mixed with blended mango.

^Mom trying to step cool

^ Me too
I wished Jonah’s was at Station 2 so I can try their other milkshake flavours 😦

We chanced upon D*Mall on the (tricycle) ride back to the hotel, and decided to stop there to see what the hype was about.

We walked a round around the mall, which had shops selling food and souvenirs (mostly). As it wasn’t air conditioned, the walk was super tiring (mentally) as I was trying to remain in zen mode despite the heat making me sweat literal buckets… It was sO HOT URGH.

^Didn’t actually eat there but thought the display was cute 

^Doggie that camouflaged really well with the floor. I didn’t even notice it until I looked into the shop and saw the dog 😳
^ Got 3 of these large starfishes at 3 for 120 pesos, as well as a traditional fan bc we were hot af 🙄

After that we went to the beach to cool down and take more beach pics before lunch.

Lunch was I ❤️ Backyard BBQ, also recommended by ladyironchef.

^ Loving the witty wall decors to attract customers

^ Well marinated half-chicken
^ Bangers & mash

^ Honey & lime tea

The food was quite good even though we didn’t order their specialty which was pork. The atmosphere was light and fun too with upbeat music and friendly waiters.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to wind down before going back out for sunset watching on a sail boat! No pictures but we had to sit in the nets on both sides of the sail boat and just ride out into sea, enjoying the winds and… getting splashed (drenched) every now & then with salt water. Of course the main highlight aka sunset was mega beautiful. All the sunsets there were purple and as we move further to sea, the shape of the clouds kept changing. ❤️☁️

When that was over I felt mega salty (literally) & wet because I had sweat + salt water over me and desperately needed a shower. So hotel we go to freshen up before dinner!

The Chee family recommended the buffet dinner at Sea Breeze Cafe (part of Henann Hotel Group) so we decided to go there for dinner!!

The overall set up and decorations were quite atas looking, there were also live singers and upbeat music that the waiters and chefs dance to, so again, very summery and lively vibes from there.

The food selection was also super wide omg.

To get in we had to stick this around our wrist and it resembles a kind of bracelet
IDK why I took this photo LOL
There were no drinks at the buffet tables but you could order drinks from the list here!
I thoroughly enjoyed the first round of buffet bc 1) the steak was so juicy 2) prawns tasted so fresh and sweet 3) mashed potatoes + gravy was SO creamy and savoury omg one of the best mashed potatoes I’ve had in my life // the mussel was well-marinated too.
Main course!
Appetisers that I tried to display nicely just because I felt like it haha. The cheesy tuna melt bun was good bc the bun was sweet and chewy ❤
They had a wide selection of desserts too like donuts, kueh, fruits, and ^ DIY halo halo!
 Halo halo is mix mix translated to Filipino. Yuni (My good pinoy IG pal) advised that I had to mix the dessert to enjoy it and I later found out it was to mix the big lump of yam paste at the top. So basically Halo Halo is like ice kachang but the toppings are a little different and it’s main ingredient is yam paste.

I wanted to try the other desserts too but in the end I didn’t because at that time the chefs and waiters were doing a special birthday event where they mass danced in front of the restaurant / cafe while pulling in random guests to dance with them and the fam and I were so caught up in the music to eat more LOLOL. At first mom and I were just bobbing along to the music at the side but a waiter saw us and pulled us in too…

I refused at first but mom went with it so I had no choice + I was in a i-dont-care-about-what-people-think-i-just-wanna-be-crazy-and-have-fun mood so we entered the dance floor woo.

From that event I learned how to dance to Psy’s Gentleman and Watch Me Whip, which are both songs that I find stupid LOL how ironic because I had fun dancing it haha.

After dancing mom and I were still high so mom suggested going to the open bar next door for some drinks. They also had 1-for-1 for selected cocktails and I thought we could choose different drinks like Starbucks but it was actually 2 same drinks so we had a total of 6 drinks omg.

Beer, mojito & mango cocktail

I challenged myself to drink 2 cups of my mango cocktail but I could only manage half a cup omg what a loser LOL. Mom had to help me with the drink…
But we had fun bobbing and dancing in the sand to the club music x)
That night was when I truly experienced the saying “The night is still young”, and it was eye-opening as well as fun! Slept at 1 am that day hahaah.


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