#130616 Boracay Day 2 

Today is Day 2 which means I get to try Henann Garden Resort’s buffet breakfast for the first time!! As expected there was a wide spread of food, with a lot of pastries, bread, as well as savoury main course food items. They tasted good too! But the coffee wasn’t nice lol starting to miss kopi… (At least it helped me to shit today ahahahah)

Oh and btw this morning (and I think every morning will be like that) I was awaken by an actual rooster at 6.30 am… At first because the sound was so consistent I thought my parents set an alarm with the rooster ring tone but it had been going for very long and I was wondering why nobody went to off the alarm / why won’t the alarm stop since their phones are Samsung.

Then while I was half silently going “shut up rooster or I will kill and eat you” and half going like “rooster pls let me sleep I beg u” then the rooster suddenly zao xia omg it was damn funny. That zao xia made me realise that it was a real rooster hahaha then after that I couldn’t sleep anymore so I just woke up…

Anyway today we went island hopping after breakfast. We took this weird transport to get to the jetty by the beach.

It’s kinda my wish come true bc I’ve always wanted to sit in the vehicle that’s attached to a motorbike but the problem is this one is like windowless so I kept smelling other vehicles’ petrol bleugh.

We took the boat of course and the waters were so pretty it was like deep blue 😍

Crystal Cove ➡️ Crocodile Island ➡️ Lunch ➡️ Puka Beach

1. Crystal Cove

Gr8 place, very hot, very sweaty, got caves and nature and a very long walkway. I suffered a lot here bc for some unknown reason my nose started running and it didn’t stop, I seriously used up an entire packet of tissues… And it was extremely hot so I was misting & sweating too wow the feeling was horrible I just wanted to get back on the boat and sleep lolol.
Along the walkway we came across a random cave that has us crouching low to get across and inside the cave. When we reached the inside of it it was an open space with crystal blue waters and it was beautiful yes :’) I would have enjoyed it more if my nose didn’t start running again gdi -_-

So anyway when the walk was over we had a coconut (which wasn’t chilled 😦 ) and then when we waited for the boat to come it sTARTED RAINING. I was like, “Wow! Could my day go any worse?? :-))” And then from that moment on I started to give zero f***s about my things getting wet (even my presh Tabom Market bag) bc there’s no point in saving them anymore LOL everythings gon be wet yo. (Since all I had was a raincoat)

^ The bridge we had to cross to get into the cave
Beautiful shot from the cave by my mom.

2. Crocodile Island

Then we headed to Crocodile Island, which thankfully has no real crocodiles bc the guide said we were going snorkeling. The boat was stopped at a spot near C. Island and then we were given snorkel gear and could snorkel for 45 minutes.




Except I didn’t snorkel bc I was hella scared of not being able to touch the sea floor and was like holding on to dear life (aka my mom) to prevent myself from floating away to goodness knows where… My parents reported that there were nice fishes and corals and it was a pity I didn’t look into the sea but I was like “haha its ok you guys just look at the sea im fine by myself as long as I have my life lel”

I hate that I’m so afraid of water bc I can’t swim… I know I have to learn sometime but I got no guts!! After 2 failed attempts at learning to swim… Actually I didn’t even complete learning something other than school. Ballet, swimming, piano, korean… All of em are given up halfway omg I suck seriously. All these for my good grades but my grades still end up horrible. #thisiswhyigotnotalents:’)

3. Lunch

We stopped for lunch which was buffet-styled. There were coke, water, beer, fried shrimp (fave), satay (fave), veg, rice, steamed fish & watermelon. Nothing interesting except that mom & I got free ‘I ❤️ Boracay’ bracelets bc we rejected their offer to buy it lol oops.

4. Puka Beach

At this point in time mom & I were already tired and lazy so we decided to just chill on the chairs and do nothing. We could hog as many chairs as we like but were told that first we had to buy drinks, so dad got coke and mom got mango shake. (I’m tellin ya, our fam legit drank mango shake every single day we were here in Boracay because it was just so.good. Also, I think it’s mango season.) She had a massage while I just sat there soaking up the sun. Papa went to take some vids and photos bc the place was really beautiful.

Funny selfie but ya this was what I was doing haha

After mum was done with her massage she asked me to go pick seashells and corals with her.


^ Made with Boomerang haha. She managed to collect a lot of corals, and I managed to take a lot of photos so yayz.


Have you seen such clear, rubbish-less, blue water before? Now I have because of Puka beach & Boracay 😍

The last stop was a relaxing end to this tour and I was ready to go back and shower as well as wind down. So we took the boat back, and I was planning to just relax on the boat ride back, admiring the blue ocean, but the water just has to be choppy that day and I got drenched with seawater (including my bag) from head to toe 😩 My bag ended up smelling like dried fish the next day 😭

But overall it was a fun and tiring experience 😀 I felt like I done a lot of exercise so wew.

Before heading back to the hotel room to bath, my parents got some MacDonald’s fries & nuggets to snack on while rinsing off in the pool. I also asked for a coke ice blend which tasted like 7-11’s Slurpee and it was so refreshing 😍

^!!! featuring my free Boracay bracelet.

For dinner we decided on an Italian restaurant called Don Vito because we saw them selling gelato the previous night!

The restaurant is actually in front of a hotel, and this is the view we get when we requested for an outdoor seat! The water part is actually a pool and the view is really pretty :’)

There’s also lanterns and plants so it makes the dining area seem like it’s a part of a fairytale. ❤️

Oh yeah, another reason why we decided to eat there was because they had happy hour which means 1-for-1 for any cocktail you order. The blue drinks belong to my parents but my mom ended up drinking both because my dad got sick of it real quick haha. 😂

Cream of Mushroom 😍

Pepperoni, olives, ham and mushroom thin-crusted pizza. 💞🍕

Can’t forget about the greens, so we had a chicken & fruits salad. 

Paella that took 30 minutes to cook. I love the way the rice is seasoned 💓💯

Bottom: Cappucino gelato

Top: Hazelnut gelato

It looked like a single-scoop but is actually a double, it’s just very compressed together. The gelato tasted different but the flavours were there.

Overall I enjoyed the dining experience and food as there were also singers who sang live and their music choices as well as good voice makes my mood go up up up! The decors of the restaurant were also magical 💞

That marks the end of Day 2. 😁


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