#120616 Boracay Day 1 

It’s finally the holidays (term break) again after 2 months!! (haha ok that’s quite short but to be fair my holidays are only 3 weeks and I have essays + projects due 😪)

My mom suggested going to Tokyo but my dad didn’t want to so he decided on Boracay bc the Chee family went once and had good reviews on it.

Since it was a 10.55 am flight, we left the house at 8.45 am after breakfast and got to the airport to drink & eat stuff to kill time… I had Boost (bc I haven’t had it for quite long) and the parents had coffee again haha.

^ Kids size of the usual fave, Strawberry Squeeze huehue.

Then we got to the airplane, which is from Tiger airlines. (Budget airlines so the lunch was not of high standards but it was edible la. I just wished I ordered Nasi Lemak instead of Mutton Briyani cos it was nicer)

I was shocked when I first set eyes on it lol. Like omg where is the mutton but it was beneath the paste thingy no worries hahah and I got free coffee but it smelled & tasted like ciggs so I didn’t even drink it ew.

After abt 3 + hours we reached Kalibo Airport and to get there we had to climb stairs down the plane and walk there hahaha and the airport is really small, it’s just 1 small room and has no going up or down escalator. So you get everything done all at once which is kinda convenient.

A funny thing happened during check out at Kalibo airport (is that called check out??) lmao. I looked quite different from myself in my passport and this resulted in the guy at the counter asking me to say my NRIC and then when I finished he was like “It doesn’t look like you” hahahah 😂

Then we had to take a 1.5 hour bus ride to the jetty, then take a small bus ride to our hotel’s private jetty, then take a 7 min boat ride to our hotel’s beaches, and finally a bus to the hotel. Long journey manz.

By the time we were done with travelling & check in it was already 5 or 6 pm?

So we decided to head out for dinner~ Oh btw the hotel is absolutely pretty. It has this European setting and it’s just 😍 Mega lux.

^They gave fruits too and the mangoes smell really good (and are real soft and sweet yum 😍)

We asked the counter where to get dinner and she said there’s a Garden Cafe at the hotel, or alternatively we could go out for a 2 min walk to the beach where there’s a walkway of restaurants and shops. So we did (tho I was lazy lelel).

It was already dark out and along the way we saw a few beautiful sandcastles with candles inside so we went to take photos with it but then after that a guy came up to us and when like “收费” wow you sneaky guy lolol he asked for 50 peso so my mom gave it to him bc what can we do we already took the photos #goodmarketingstrategy

We chose to turn left after we got out of the hotel and it was the wrong move man. Our dinner was like this cheapskate buffet with plastic cups they use at secondary school lolol. But I guess it was not inedible, the spring roll was good haha #seebeautyineverything

And we also got to watch fire performance!!


^ this was before dinner

Then we had this walk back and uh other than having our first mango shake in Boracay nothing much happened hahaha yeah that’s all for Day 1.

Polaroid to end off this post!!


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