#170616 Boracay Day 6 (Last Day)

Note: It's currently Friday, 24th June and it's officially a week since I've been back. This week has been mentally tiring because other than Monday I've been out and about to do my various projects, working with primary 4 kids as well as the elderly from a hospice. Some of the elderly have less than … Continue reading #170616 Boracay Day 6 (Last Day)


#160616 Boracay Day 5

This morning we did........ . . . . . . If you guessed nothing, you are right! 😂 The morning started off with breakfast (obviously) then we moved to the beach to chill~ Since it was the second last day, my mom decided to live the ultimate lux life and have a (almost) full body … Continue reading #160616 Boracay Day 5

#150616 Boracay Day 4 

Towards the later part of the trip we did even more of nothing. If you thought days 1-3 was nothing, days 4-6 is even more of nothing. (WHAT AM I SAYING BUAHAHAHA) Before this trip my cousin shared that she did black henna tattoo in Boracay. The henna material wasn't the usual brown (+ rather … Continue reading #150616 Boracay Day 4 

#140616 Boracay Day 3

Today's main highlight is parasailing!!! It's something like that but higher. I didn't take any photos bc we were'nt allowed to bring up anything (would be too scared to snap pics too) so it's time for pictureless story time again 😁 Okay so first we had to go to their mini HQ by the beach … Continue reading #140616 Boracay Day 3

#130616 Boracay Day 2 

Today is Day 2 which means I get to try Henann Garden Resort's buffet breakfast for the first time!! As expected there was a wide spread of food, with a lot of pastries, bread, as well as savoury main course food items. They tasted good too! But the coffee wasn't nice lol starting to miss … Continue reading #130616 Boracay Day 2 

#120616 Boracay Day 1 

It's finally the holidays (term break) again after 2 months!! (haha ok that's quite short but to be fair my holidays are only 3 weeks and I have essays + projects due 😪) My mom suggested going to Tokyo but my dad didn't want to so he decided on Boracay bc the Chee family went … Continue reading #120616 Boracay Day 1