Being an International Kpop Fan Sucks…

Hi I’m back again even though there’s nothing exciting going on in my life because I simply felt like writing something that isn’t school-work related. 🙂 

So yeah, I seriously dislike being an international Kpop fan. The main reason is because in our baes’ eyes, we don’t exist at all, the most notice we get is probably like 1 second lol. 

Be it popular or rookie, multi-lingual or not, the kpop groups always only mention their Korean fans. 

“Thank you Korean fans for this award”, “I really miss my Korean fans”, “Korean fans! Don’t get a cold in this weather! Take care x”

I may have exaggerated a bit idk but there’s certainly some truth in this right?? I mean, not like the international fans just slack off and not support the kpop groups full-time, in fact international fans work extremely hard to support their idols just because they aren’t living in Korea. 


1. Sourcing for streaming links to watch live shows to help increase views and ratings. (Since we can’t just turn on the TV to the correct channel)

2. Purchasing higher-priced albums from websites (+ having to beware of websites that don’t help to increase chances of winning when selling the albums) ((coughs yg e shop coughs)) because you need to pay for shipping from Korea too. 

3. Learning Korean so that we can convey our messages of love to the idols through SNS. (Eg typing ‘Happy Birthday’ on V app so that the member gets the birthday blessing during the live broadcast.) ((But we end up getting mistaken as Korean fans and they end up being the only ones getting notice lol)) 

4. Of course, paying at least $100 (or $200 and above) just to watch 2 hours+ of our idols because most of us can’t attend the numerous fan-signings that groups often hold during comebacks. ((Gosh, iKON’s coming to Singapore but their VIP ticket costs $318 😭))

It’s also very hard to understand what they are saying in videos or SNS obviously, since we aren’t at all fluent in Korean. They type very minimal English, so we have to wait for translations of that Instagram post that every Korean fan is laughing about, and if the groups are underrated nobody even subs their shows even though 100 years has passed… 

Also this quite recent invention of the V App that allows Kpop idols to come on randomly and hold a live broadcast causes Korean and international fans alike to halt all activities just to go there and press hearts and to watch our idols idk, just sit on the hotel room floor talk and eating cookies and drinking juice (aha hi iKONICs) ((if ya know which broadcast i’m talking about)). For me if I have the time and Wifi to just sit there and watch them talk, of course i’ll do it, but sometimes it can be a bit boring / frustrating / confusing since they can be just sitting down saying something hilarious but you won’t know since you don’t understand Korean. AND, they often answer to random (Korean) questions that fans comment on the broadcast, or take suggestions from there (aka Which food should I cook today? Chicken baked rice or spicy rice cakes? Oh both? Well alright thanks!) and like you’ll stop trying to comment because you know they will never pick your English suggestion/questions / you can’t type Korean as quickly as the Korean fans lol. 

And twitter mention parties! Some groups with twitter always randomly pick fans’ tweets and answer to them, and it can be totally random like

Fan: oppa what you doin now

Idol: oh well you know watching this drama and eating chips ha

and i’ll not have the chance to join in bc obviously for the same reason, I can’t type Korean, so I won’t even know there’s a mention party until it’s all over haha yes… 

Last one is giveaways. Other than very awesome english-korean channels like Arirang , channels usually do giveaways that apply to Korean fans only. Like bruh why I’m a fan too I long for that sweat-stained cap as much as your Korean fan do okey 😥 

I’m mainly saying this because of yesterday’s giveaway from Seunghoon LOL he was like “post a verification shot of you watching Half Moon Friends and i’ll pick 10 random people to give hats to!” on Instagram and he didn’t even state the conditions of the pic, and if the giveaway is worldwide, so all of us intl fans got our hopes up and entered this giveaway but today the winners were out and all of them are Koreans + are picked because their photo is of their TVs showing HMF on JTBC like bruh why you no give chance idek and I was like wow next time I gotta photoshop my streamed image onto a TV so i can be picked lel

I’m not saying Korean fans are bad or whatsoever, they are awesome, and I live for their HD photos of idols and fan accounts of the groups but kpop groups esp winner & ikon PLEASE NOTICE INTL FANS MORE OK THANKS BYE 


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