#18-21.04.16 HMS CSOP’16Β 

Before school officially starts the HMS society organised a CSOP (Compulsory School Orientation Programme) for all HMS freshies to bond and make new friends!! Tbh it wasn’t very fun but I enjoyed Talent Quest at the end of Day 3 A LOT. That was the only time I became high hahaha

I’ll just write about some events or activities that I enjoyed or think is worth writing about during this four days 8) But before I begin, I’ll briefly write about how this whole camp functions, and the theme of this HMS CSOP!

This camp is based on the theme of superheroes (I think this theme is pretty cool 😎) and there are 5 main tribes, Avengers, Teen Titans, Guardians of The Galaxies, Justice League and X-Men. Then, the tribes are further divided into many many sub tribes (around 16 maybe?) based off the characters in each superhero movie / gang / idk what is this really called πŸ˜‚

My tribe is Teen Titans and my sub tribe is Flamebird!! And because I rarely watch Teen Titans, I have 0 clues on what a flamebird is!! πŸ˜€ But it sounds cool I guess like very fiery 🌞🌞 There are also different colours to represent each tribe.

TT – Blue

JL – Green

Avengers – Red

GOTG – Purple

X-Men – Orange

We were given braids to wear as our identities and of course every tribe has their own cheer to scream at the other tribes. πŸ‘πŸ»

*the following highlights are in no particular order of days, they are just random.*

HIGHLIGHT #1 – Poverty Simulation Game

Wow do I have a lot to say about this one. 😀 Basically this is a game where all the subtribes are brought to the ISH and made to sit on a plastic sheet (like, all members SQUEEZED into one square) before we were even told to do anything. Our GLs (Group Leaders) Amanda and Wana refused to hint us on what the game might be about so we were all full of question marks when we stepped in, mainly because the whole place was filled with torn pieces of newspapers and there were tables and people with different sticker tags like “Shopkeeper”, “NGO”, “Goverment Officers” etc.

So after getting seated (and screamed at by a govt officer to “SIT INSIDE THE SHEET” we were shown a video where a girl (I forgot her name) talked to us about how she lived in a poor village and wants to go to school but can’t afford it so she makes paper bags with her family to sell for money and then we were told to do the same thing so we could sell it to pay rent for 5 months…

At first the bags we made got torn by the shopkeeper bc it didn’t meet their very high standards, and the glue was running out and stuff, so obviously we had no money to pay for 2 months of rent. Then by the 3rd month the govt officers cannot tahan already so they forced 3 ‘family members’ from Flamebird to go to jail. And one of them happened to be…


Before I got summoned to go to jail one of our members got in too and idk it seemed more fun and relaxing than making paper bags that won’t get approved of and sold away… So when I got called I was half anticipating it but half scared since I didn’t know how jail-like it would be.

Apparently VERY jail-like, because the jailkeepers strictly made us squat for a very long time outside the jail before we could go in. 😀 My legs became numb and one guy kept saying if we chant 3 words (only remembered 1 word was persevere) as loud as we can we could go home but I didn’t get chosen 😀😀😀

The jail was littered with toothpicks and rubber bands and of course people from other subtribes. I was told to pick 60 toothpicks and then my second mission was to form a picture with the toothpicks that would impressed my jailkeeper lol. I was hugely relieved that I could sit anyway I like because it meant REST TIME FOR DA LEGSSSS and I was impressed by my own picture but the game ended before I could show him my picture πŸ˜ͺ #suchapity #iwassocreative #bhbhaha

I met Teri in jail tho and she came to hug me yay hahaha. Teri’s my first ever PCS friend because I was standing beside her during registration day 1 and she randomly asked me what my name was and she’s such a nice friend and through our chats we discovered we have a lot in common that it’s so scary 😳 We even formed this #halfpotatosquad bc ain’t nobody was born to be 100% sociable or potato πŸ˜‚

So the game was to make us reflect on some values and learn some things which we did so it was a success for the game planners πŸ€”πŸ˜€ I later also learned that when they were making the bags and asking fr the NGOS for financial aid the NGOS kept being bullshitty and slow and focused on irrelevant things like singing a birthday song and teaching you to brush your teeth which Kei said made her understand why irl people fight and cause chaos over essentials.


This was like a concert celebration kind of thing which just require us to sit back and relax and enjoy the show, which is always my favourite kind of camp activity #slug and I got to watch people dance, talk, sing, and cheer so it was really nice.

When we got in I discovered the walkway was strung with blinking fairy lights which was so pretty even with the lights off 😍


We were given blue lightsticks and it’s the same colour as Winner’s lightsticks πŸ˜„

Before it began they blasted music from Spotify and this time I got hyped up over it (the other times I was just stoning lol bc half awake + no one hypewith me ) ((the CC was a gathering place for HMS CSOP))



^Those are my subtribe mates btw 😬

Again not in particular order, we had

1) Guess the lyrics game

where all of us sang along to and it was like a karoke and was so fun


2) Dance performances by different tribe GLs


only filmed Titans but all tribes danced very well β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’›

3) Dance For Fun (HMS crew)’s Frozen dance performance

which made me rethink my slight dislike over how overrated it is because the dance was so cool 😍 I wished I snapped it but I was too mesmerised by the dance. They had 2 girls dressed up like Anna and Elsa and they were dancing while lip syncing to the key parts of the movie and Elsa’s dance was so powerful and Anna’s dance showed her sincerity and they hugged in the end like awwww plus the backup dancers supported them so well πŸ’™ i was so glad they won first for the Dance For Fun comp 😁😁

4) Handphone lightsticks of different tribe colours


Soooo beautiful. 😭❀️


Yup ok that’s it bye


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