#110416 Day Out with Mya πŸ’›

Oooh as I was typing the title I realised time passed very quickly… Almost 6 months of holidays has passed and it’s almost time for school 😭 Might probably not have such a long school holiday ever in future 😭😭

Anyway, the origins of how this outing happened was because Mya (aka one of my closest F21 ex-colleague (now friend)) needed to go to NUS to submit some documents and I mentioned that I wanted to explore it so she just jio-ed me to go with her and then I suggested going shopping after that so this happened πŸ˜„πŸ˜€

The journey started out long and arduous bc Mya wasn’t sure the correct way to go there so we randomly took an NUS shuttle bus (there are MANY different buses to different parts of NUS) which led us to a sort of dorm area for NUS students so we had to take another shuttle bus to go to the correct destination. And then I was stupid enough to ask the bus driver if the bus went to NUS… The uncle laughed at me and was like “… this is NUS…”

I was like omg why do I talk and then Mya also laughed at me and I couldn’t forget about that embarassment for quite a while πŸ˜… We took a lot of buses before we reached Mya’s destination hence it was considered (mentally) tiring and I joked that Mya looked as if she aged 10 years hahaha. (Ever since I saw that phrase on Running Man I’ve been using it forever bc it sounds so funny and dramatic πŸ˜‚)

And then, the most horrible part was that all Mya had to do was drop the docs into a box and she was done. No queuing, no waiting, no processing. All that bus riding and confusion for this… But we ended up having lunch there (aka NUS’s U-Town) at Koufu so okay at least we gained something haha.

I had my fave tomyum ee-mian while Mya had Korean noodles, both charged at NUS Student / Staff price instead of public!! #衚到 They didn’t check for identity cards and just assumed we are students HAHAHA πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ» And one random fact about NUS’s koufu: they have a cool ice cream claw machine there, which is the same as the claw machines in arcades except theres ice cream in it!! I was so fascinated to see it there but the ice cream selections weren’t interesting haha.

So after that we were done with matters in NUS so we decided to head to Vivo City for some shopping. But I’ve done too much shopping recently so I was a bit reluctant to buy more bc 1) Cfm get nagged by mom 2) I just got my pay and I actually made more than I expected and I couldn’t bear to part with it again πŸ˜‚ I sound like some money lover person ew

Before we started, we got ourselves some Starbucks bc we are both coffee lovers and need to have our coffee fix before starting anything (no la actually I just drink bc I love the taste of coffee) ((plus the vibe while drinking it bc it gives me such a cozy and chillax feeling as if I have nothing to care about and can just sit and sip coffee and do things I like 😍))

I decided to get an iced soy latte bc the colour is so pretty and I wanted to test out my theory that cold soy latte is nice but warm soy latte isn’t, and Mya somehow got a normal iced latte though I recalled her saying she was going to get a caramel machiatto or something πŸ€”

Since Starbucks is conveniently near a glass door that lead to the outside world, I dragged Mya outside to do a white girl-ish photoshoot of our coffees + take some selfies.

I spammed so much of these but ended up posting the one with our foot πŸ˜‚

We went to the usual places girls usually shop at these days, aka Pull & Bear, Tempt, Cotton On, Forever 21, Factorie & H & M. Mya got quite a few things which is good for her but I didn’t really buy anything. I did however wanted a parka (have been wanting 1 for very long) and I saw 1 at P&B for $45.90 (such a great deal tbh bc usually parkas range from $69-$80) but guESS WHAT?? THEY RAN OUT OF SIZE S SO I COULDN’T GET IT BC M LOOKED BIG ON ME IM- 😭😭😭

My discovery did get Mya to purchase 1 tho (she got it in navy bc there is a size s for navy, but I wanted the green one) and she looks cute in it so I guess that made one of us happy #notme #sad Mya felt sad for me (like the guilty kind of way) but I was like ITS OKAY I JUST WASN’T FATED TO BE WITH IT *tries to comfort self* She’s a nice kid tho ☺️ ((Calling her kid tho she’s older than me ahahah))

After much (window) shopping around I still couldn’t find a parka (what happened to parkas being sold everywhere ???) and that drove me to be EVEN MORE determined to find a legit parka that matches the $45.90 one or at least $69, but all the ‘parkas’ I found were just imitations / similar looking / too thin material and I only had 1 other option at the back of my mind that I was trying not to touch since it was $79.95, but I ended up going back to it again… It’s this parka from Factorie, that came in 3 colours, green, navy and beige. It has gold buttons & zips around it and was quite pretty and thick enough to be a parka but I was taking so long to decide because of the price…

Like, what if I don’t wear it often? What if I regret? What if it spoils easily?

I had a ton of those questions in my head and Mya was suggesting I reserved it and came back later, and I took the offer but it lasted only about 1 minute after I stepped out of the store bc there were 2 size XS, and I was being paranoid thinking “Omg, what if a pair of bffs came by and they liked the parkas too and wear size XS and decide to buy it?? It’ll be gone then!!” and I couldn’t bear with that so I was like, AHHH, screw it, I’ll just go ahead and buy that shit of a parka 😭 It was painful to let go of $80 at once, but I did it :/ Now I’m just hoping it doesn’t spoil or get ruined anytime soon πŸ˜ͺ #shoppingissostressful


Here’s a snap of our parkas ayeee 8)

Then after that harsh decision I felt very sleepy and dazed, so we halted all activities and went to a newly opened Korean Cafe, Caffe Bene. When Mya first mentioned it to me I found it very familiar, bc 1) it appears a lot in Korean drama credits 2) people argue a lot in that cafe in dramas LOL and it turned out I was right πŸ˜‚

Other than normal cafe stuff like coffee and snacks, they also had Korean snacks like BINGSU and these cute Belgian waffles with a hint of Korean in it.

I forgot to snap pics of the cafe’s interior damn it.

We ordered Cookies & Cream Bingsu (NO INJEOLMI BINGSU 😭), and rice cake Belgian waffle (which I assumed was injeolmi) ((never eaten injeolmi before tho)) . The bingsu was $14.90 at Single size (they had double but it’s extremely big) and the waffle costed $8.90. Idk if it was worth it since I dont really buy bingsu / Belgian waffles but taste-wise it was quite good… No special taste for the bingsu (+ it doesn’t come with condensed milk) but it’s just good bc Oreo did it’s job well. (There was also red bean sitting in the middle of the bingsu) As for the waffles, it was a unique experience. The rice cake was like mochi with red bean in it, and the brown powder (yes I’m assuming it’s injeolmi aka soy bean powder) was actually a tad salty and had a taste similar to rice crackers πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” So imagine eating waffle, mochi & finely powdered rice crackers, that’s what it tastes like. I like it but it became jelad at the end (I stILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE CORRECT ENGLISH WORD IS)

As Mya says, the cafe was a good end to our outing, since it allowed us to relax before heading home again. πŸ˜„ Here’s to more adventures, my awesome Burmese friend!! ☺️


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