#18-21.04.16 HMS CSOP’16Β 

Before school officially starts the HMS society organised a CSOP (Compulsory School Orientation Programme) for all HMS freshies to bond and make new friends!! Tbh it wasn't very fun but I enjoyed Talent Quest at the end of Day 3 A LOT. That was the only time I became high hahaha I'll just write about … Continue reading #18-21.04.16 HMS CSOP’16Β 


#110416 Day Out with Mya πŸ’›

Oooh as I was typing the title I realised time passed very quickly... Almost 6 months of holidays has passed and it's almost time for school 😭 Might probably not have such a long school holiday ever in future 😭😭 Anyway, the origins of how this outing happened was because Mya (aka one of my … Continue reading #110416 Day Out with Mya πŸ’›