#120216 The Cat Cafe at Bugis

IMG_3645[1]On 11th Feb when zq came over to chill we searched for things to do in Singapore and The Cat Cafe came up so we decided to go there and it turned out to be our new favourite hang-out spot yay! It’s a place worthy to visit to study or just chill and relax ^^

It’s located above one of the shop houses beside Bugis Street, right above Burger King. I should probably write all the details about entry, food and etc first to spare people from building up more and more questions throughout this blog post aha.

Address: 241B Victoria Street Level 3

Price: the affordable price of $15/ guess what, unlimited hours. (also comES WITH A COMPLIMENTARY DRINK1!1!1!!!)

Opening hours:

Mon: 3 pm – 10 pm      Tues-Sun: 10 am – 10 pm

Food, dessert and drinks are also available!

Okay, those are the basics you need to know for now, at the end I’ll post some tips and tricks to prepare you before coming down to the cat cafe for maximum fun! Now back to my personal cat cafe experience.


^ this is what will greet you when you first reach the cat cafe at level 3. nice way to do some breathing and calming bc we got no chill when we were nearing the cafe lolol.


^ a much clearer version of the cute cat signboard for the timings, credits to zq

So when we went in, it was the cafe counter with cakes displayed and black chalkboard menus and drinks, as well as a shoe rack by the side of another clear door inside separating the cats from the cafe counter so you can put your shoes. The cashier told us to pay and order our food and drinks first because #Tip 1: if you order later, it might not be available since they are while stocks last. We were told to sanitize our hands as well as some ground rules which you can find on their website thecatcafe.sg. Since we came quite early, there were only 2 other girls there, and most of the cats are asleep ;__;

When you slide open the clear door and into the main cafe, there will be 3 areas, white fence area, play area and sitting area. Here comes #Tip 2: the white fence area is the cats’ resting area, so it’s out-of-bounds!! The sitting area is filled with some tables and floor-chairs for visitors to dine while playing with the kitties. The play area contains toys and playing equipment.


^ this was the first cat that we settled down with, Patches. She’s really super chill. The whole time we were there, she mostly sits at the tables by the window and lazes around, letting people pet her and take photos and selfies. Her fur is so white.

PATCHES’S PROFILE: (all profiles are taken from The Cat Cafe’s website)

  • Breed: Domestic Short Fur
  • Sex: Female
  • Age:4 +

Patches is one of the few cats that really enjoy human presence. She enjoy gentle stroking on the ears and neck. She is also our selfie queen as she would stay still and look straight into the camera when you try taking a selfie with Patches. (Yeah see? Very chill)

The other cats are all jerks. Cute and pretty but jerks. (but that’s a reason why I love cats LOL) When you attempt to pet them, they immediately walk away from you and they don’t even automatically come to play with you or cuddle 😦


^ this girl is Kelly, the second kitty I attempted to interact with. I noticed that she loves head scratches (or maybe it’s just me) bc after I stopped she’ll tilt her head upwards as if to demand for more and then she has a contented expression when I resumed petting her head hahaha


  • Breed: Local short fur, Calico
  • Sex: Female
  • Age:1-2 +

Kelly is one of the more shy kitty at The Cat Cafe, she takes time to warm up to humans – so take your time and approach Kelly slowly. Once warmed up, Kelly enjoys stroking to the chin and on her head. Kelly was rescued when she was a kitten and have not much interaction with humans before joining the The Cat Cafe’s family.

omg yeah so I was right, she loves head strokes haha.

^ Missy

I love Missy’s fur colours, it’s so pastel and photogenic. She’s also a really gentle cat, but not very friendly. At least she lets people pet her for a while.


  • Breed: Siamese Crossed
  • Sex: Female
  • Age:3 +

Missy is a shy siamese cross that take a while to warm up. However once warm up, Missy can be found climbing on patrons laps to take a nap. Missy loves cat nip, try playing catnip filled toys with Missy. Missy was found abandoned together with Jimmy and Tuxedo and hence the 3 of them are extremely good buddies.

Aw damn it, I guess she wasn’t warmed up enough to have a nap in my lap 😦 Hahaha Tuxedo and Jimmy are ice princes, no wonder Missy is a little cold too. Those 3 are bffs livin in their own Elsa kingdom man.


IMG_3594[1]aha now it’s time to introduce this irritating ice prince. His name is Tuxedo bc of his tux-like fur haha how cute is that xD and he feels as fluffy as he looks, like a big cuddly soft toy. But well too bad Tuxedos the type that looks like a cinnamon roll but um… he’s far from that. He belongs to the gang of cats that only lets you touch him for 1 sec and then decides to walk away from you without turning back.


  • Breed: Local long fur
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 5+

Tuxedo is a long fur domestic local breed. It was found abandoned after a local breeder pass away. Tuxedo was subsequently rescued by Kittycare Haven. Despite it’s size, Tuxedo is a gentle cat and is very active when he is in the mood for play.

… Well okay.

Shall post some photos I took while playing with Patches!

Selfie with selfie queen Patches 😉

Close-up hehe
It’s Patches’ paw!! It feels so soft and smooth x)


^ this is Silver from when we decided to enter the cats’ play area! Her fur is real pretty too, and her face is so round omg cutie.


  • Breed: Local short fur
  • Sex: Female
  • Age:5 +

Silver is a gentle lady that aint afraid of humans and enjoys occasional stroking. When Silver is in the mood, she would give you a head butt by rubbing her head on your hand.

OMG.  I’m thinking we came on the wrong day bc all these intimate moments stated DID NOT HAPPEN T.T How comfy and cute would that be if Silver actually head butts you???



I’m not very sure about this alert kitty’s name even though I spent 5 minutes comparing with the website’s profiles but I think this is Pudding. I shall just put her profile here:

  • Breed: Local friendly Calio
  • Sex: Female
  • Age:2 +

Pudding is the sibling of Cookie and Yogurt. Pudding is one of the more playful cats and enjoy playing with the fishing rod. She can often be found wrestling with her siblings cookie and yogurt. Pudding enjoys sightseeing – you can often find her watching scenery from tabletops.

Haha that’s why she’s sitting on the table. BTW that cup is the cup my drink came in. The cat print and text is the cutest thing ever.

the drinks that were free ^
So after that we decided to have some lunch so that after that we could buy some treats for the cats bc we saw the previous day that on the Internet menu they sold cat treats for $3 but here’s #Tip 3: they stopped selling the treats. 😥 Our hopes of appealing to them using treats were instantly killed lolol damn. (If the phrase ‘appeal to ___ (pets)’ sounds weird to you it’s probably bc it’s a Korean phrasing… I’m not sure if it is or it’s also used in proper English :/ ) Zi Qing had the chicken wrap with chips while I had chicken baked rice with chips! At first I wanted lasagne but somehow I always chicken out when it comes to ordering it… (pun not intended though it’s quite funny after I discovered it hahaha)

Usually you would expect themed-cafe food to be below expectations, but guess what, The Cat Cafe’s food is indeed the ‘purrfect’ place to dine in! The food is good, my baked rice is a tad too salty but so creamy and the mushrooms aren’t canned!!



^ yez guys, don’t be dumb like me… always read receipts because you never know when a handy wifi password can appear… #Tip 4 Please thank me y’all, I searched the net and no one talked about free wifi at this cafe and hence I assumed there wasn’t. Now you don’t have to go through the same process because you have me!! MUAHAHAHAHA


So after lunch we discovered the treats weren’t sold anymore so we just sat and chilled with Tommy, which became our fave cat in the end bc he’s the most active one hahaha.

^ attempting a wefie but my hand’s too short 😦

^ candid of me tryna tease Tommy with the hot beverage straw hahaha. Tommy’s the only cat that had an attention span of more than 5 minutes when it comes to playing. Zq and I had our fair share of time playing with him, waving the straw everywhere and his eyes following it everywhere and trying to bite it hahaha so cute xD btw random fact: my sweater is from Factorie and I think it’s really cute with the lace and tribal face there and I got it at a discounted price of $9.95!! 😀


  • Breed: Local short fur
  • Sex: Male
  • Age:4 +

Tommy is the short fur black cat at The Cat Cafe. However, he is not really totally black (hint: he has a little white patch near its private parts). Tommy is extremely playful and constantly hungry. If you ever treat our cats with our monge cat treats try not to feed Tommy too much. Tommy can often be seen “fighting” with Kelly, Yogurt and Cookie. They are extremely good friends.

^ proof shot of his white fur near his private parts lolol
3 p.m was the cats’ feeding time, but before that all of them were already up and hungry, all gathered around the play area (which was near the kitchen where their food comes out from) waiting for their food. I thought this was a great opportunity to play with more of them but I guess living things are quite similar, if you’re hungry but not given food you turn grumpy and have zero feels to do anything. One of the cats even emo-ed at a corner in front of the kitchen door staring at it lmao it was damn funny hahaha.


them cats finally getting to eat ^^

Random observation: none of the cats were interested in playing with the toys in the basket in the play area… I don’t know if it’s because they weren’t up to it that day or they are just like that in nature? Guess I’ll find out when I go back… From here on I’ll just spam cat photos and profiles bc I’ve pretty much finished typing about my experiences.

Tuxedo and my paw/finger ^^ it kinda reminds me of a cny cookie idk why LOL

  • Breed: Singapura
  • Sex: Female
  • Age:3-4

Ginny is our home grown Singapura kitty. She has a pair of “8” tattoo on her ears when she was spayed. Ginny is a playful and curious kitty, she enjoys playing with the fishing rod. Ginny can be extremely friendly at times and often found taking short naps on patrons lap. In case you didnt know, Ginny is fully grown and not a kitten – Singapura cats are known for their smaller build.

All I remember about her was that she was very interested in human food hahaha. She was staring at our food and one of the cat crew had to pet her and take her away lmao.



This is Jimmy and he’s a pig. We’ve been at the cafe almost the whole day and this kid only gets up to eat, then he goes back to sleep again. Zq was sad bc she had been looking forward to playing with Jimmy hahaha.


  • Breed: Long Fur Domestic mixed (likely a maine coon cross)
  • Sex: Male
  • Age:5 +

Jimmy aka Garfield is The Cat Cafe’s orange long fur. Together with Tuxedo & Missy, he was found abandoned by a local breeder. Jimmy loves catnip toys. Toss a catnip toy towards Jimmy and watch Jimmy wrestle with it. Jimmy is the local Casanova, stealing the hearts of many ladies at The Cat Cafe.

Like zq’s but too bad, he was asleep. Really know how to push and pull.

Yogurt who knows a little bit about fashion trends too. (she was so attracted by this bag that she keeps coming back to sit on it haha)

  • Breed: Local friendly Calio
  • Sex: Female
  • Age:2 +

Yogurt is the sibling of Cookie and Pudding. She might seem a little frightened of humans at first, however if you manage to approach her slowly, stroke her chin and she will likely follow you, demanding even more stroking.

More Missy!
he’s so cute snuggling against the windowsill like that :’))
#Tip 5: Weekdays are usually less crowded, while weekends are more crowded. You may even have to make reservations to visit the cafe.

Okay, that marks the end of my cat cafe experience. It’s a place worth going if you are a cat person and have always wanted to visit a cat cafe. Don’t want to say much but comparing The Cat Cafe to Neko No Niwa, The Cat Cafe is so much more worth it than Neko No Niwa, hugely because TCC has no entrance hour limit. Aka you don’t have to pay to stay longer. Real awesome. Yeah bye. x


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