#211215 Day 7 Central Japan (Last Day)

This is the last day of the amazing trip to Central Japan 😦 This day is freestyle so we could go wherever we want to on our own. The tour guide suggested going to nearby places like Ueno, Ginza etc, so apparently 3 of the 4-people-family went to the same places haha we kept bumping into them lolol.


^ first time taking Japan’s version of LRT, called the JR Line. It’s exactly like LRT except its a little more high-tech bc there’s a screen showing the current location as well as some advertisements. Anyway, we decided to go to Ueno first. The place we visited was an extremely huge park filled with different museums, temples, universities etc. But sadly, most of the places were closed on Mondays (21st was a Monday) so we could only visit the temple πŸ˜₯






my mom is so photogenic unlike me sigh
pretty grey skies and skyscrapers!

a kinda pretty sculpture
After we were done touring we stopped for lunch. The place we dined at was kind of like a foodcourt, except it has quite little shops and the shops were pretty legit I would say? There was a bakery, one selling Western food, a Lotteria , a ramen place and a pancake place (not the normal flat kind). Mom and I didn’t know what to eat so we decided to share pasta and fried chicken from Lotteria πŸ˜‰

Lotteria’s fried chicken is so noms
Dad’s ramen, mom and my ham and asparagus pasta
Pretty train and city view!
Then we travelled by JR to Ginza to have a walk. It’s mostly shops there, so we just did window shopping bc hey guess what we broke af on the last day HAHAHA

This pic very tumblr IMO ehehe ok ash pls staph
Btw, the shops there were seriously 90% high class brands, the kind that you would be like “Aiya don’t even need to step in to look la”. So well our walk was finished quite quickly. Oh! Before we headed back we stopped by a book store and I bought a cute food magazine! It’s called Hanako and will be shown later on in the pics hoho. Before the trip even started I’ve made it known to my fam that I MUST try Japan’s Starbucks Christmas drinks bc when I came with my friends there was a Christmas drink. It turnt out I only saw the drinks at one Starbucks outlet, the other stores somehow didn’t sell super festive drinks :/ They were more like Limited Edition drinks rather than Christmas themed. But well, I decided to try the frap.

I forgotten the name of this drink lol but it was nice, not too sweet and in every sip, there are coffee bean bits πŸ™‚
Last day hotel aesthetics haha
On our way to the bus my sis saw this cool vending machine and rushed to take pics lolol

it is pretty cool i must say
early dinner at the airport ^^
ordered green tea and it came with this pot!
good snapchat pic



hahaha fml

the fam’s Japan loots lmao
part 2Β 
while shopping for gifts at the airport i saw these for $2+ SGD each and I couldn’t not buy em ❀
Yeah okay that’s the end I shall abruptly end here haha bye. (This is why I can’t be a professional blogger lmao)


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