#120216 The Cat Cafe at Bugis

On 11th Feb when zq came over to chill we searched for things to do in Singapore and The Cat Cafe came up so we decided to go there and it turned out to be our new favourite hang-out spot yay! It's a place worthy to visit to study or just chill and relax ^^ … Continue reading #120216 The Cat Cafe at Bugis


#211215 Day 7 Central Japan (Last Day)

This is the last day of the amazing trip to Central Japan 😦 This day is freestyle so we could go wherever we want to on our own. The tour guide suggested going to nearby places like Ueno, Ginza etc, so apparently 3 of the 4-people-family went to the same places haha we kept bumping … Continue reading #211215 Day 7 Central Japan (Last Day)