#201215 Day 6 Central Japan: Shinjuku


The morning started off with a beautiful pink sunrise on the way to the female onsen to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji! Mom and I didn’t get to see it there but it was still good due to the beautiful scenery accompanied by the sun rising to greet us ^^ (Dad and sis who were roomies were still sleeping because mom and I woke up at the wrong time haha)

This is the sun rising! ❀

^ This was the view we had outside our hotel balcony! Isn’t it lovely? It gives off a kind of healing vibe due to the slightly traditional cottages and greenery, as if we were staying in the mountains in Canada or America. πŸ™‚

On our way to Asakusa, we actually managed to come across Mount Fuji AGAIN! Omg. We were told that some tourists come to Tokyo just for Mount Fuji and yet couldn’t see it during the five or six times they’ve been here! I’m damn lucky, I know.

Hello again, Mt. Fuji!Β 
The bus ride was a rather long one, about 2 or 3 hours, so by the time we reached Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple it was already early lunch time! There were street shops in front of the temple selling temple things (eg amulets) as well as Japanese souvenirs and street food/snacks! ^^ We had a few hours to tour and have lunch so we started shopping first HAHA.

Japan’s well-known melon bun! πŸ˜€
As well as taiyaki, a fish-shaped snack filled with different fillings that you can choose from!
Instead of restaurants, we settled on street food for lunch, which was surprising because my parents usually prefer sitting down to dine… Woohoo! I’ve always wanted to try settling meals with street food hehe. The melon bun is quite similar to Hong Kong’s bo luo bun, with a sweet and crispy exterior. However, this one was empty inside, and tastes more eggy, which I like! For the taiyaki, there were flavours like red bean (the traditional one), strawberry (like pocky sauce), chestnut and many unique flavours. I chose the chocolate orange flavour, but in the end i was a little disappointed as the chocolate was too sweet and the orange had an artificial taste… The taiyaki shell was good though, chewy and a little hard πŸ™‚

We also had takoyaki balls which were of course, heavenly. It was a little crisp on the outside but sinks once you bite into it. The octopus (tako) is given in generous amounts too!

After shopping we spent the last 30 minutes or so praying at the Sensoji Temple. I prayed for good health for family and of course for good o level results.

Sensoji Temple~
Chanced upon this weird but cute thing outside the toilets and I thought it could make an aesthetic photo, so I snapped!
Then we went for a short visit to a royal palace. It was a little disappointing as we couldn’t enter the palace itself and could only take photos outside… (Actually it isn’t even an ‘outside’ since there was a bridge and river barrier… 😦 It was quite a long walk too tsk)


Buildings in front of the bridge
Next we went to Shinjuku for shopping!

MUJI Japan
Then mei mei researched that there was an Alice in Wonderland cafe here so we went but it was so creepy wtf. It was located in a building where you can take a run down lift up to there. Then there nobody one, and everything was closed, and the stairs were blocked. So we were all wondering is the whole building closed?? But it wasn’t, so we took the lift to the cafe. And, omg here comes the creepy af part.

When we got to the cafe’s level and the lift door opened, it was DEAD quiet. Not to mention dimly lit. If it was at night, the place would be pitch black. And one side of the wall (the side where we could see from inside the lift) was covered in rose pink Alice themed wallpaper with words and the rabbit (I think). There was also an armour suit the metal kind, including the mask and everything standing outside as if guarding the entrance omg. The whole lift became quiet as we tried accessing the situation, and then mei mei stepped out of the lift to call out ‘hello? anyone there?’ or something like that wtf I was so scared she would get pulled away elsewhere since it’s so similar to a common horror scene…

Needless to say we quickly concluded that it was closed down or something and fLED THE SHIT OUT OF THERE. I still get chills when I thought about it that night…

(* the next day we found out it was because they didn’t open til 5pm hahaha)

Then we found the cat cafe that YouTuber Sharla in Japan visited, but it was so popular that you had to make reservations first so we couldn’t go to that. So, in the end we settled for a maid cafe after mei mei spotted a maid outside advertising.

Here comes weird experience story number 2.

Once we entered the maid cafe, the first thing I noticed was: ALL of the customers in there were GUYS. And, they were middle-aged/guys in their late 20s. Like holy shit why suddenly got geylang vibes… But we already began the ‘session’ so we couldn’t even back out of it. The guys were all staring at us like ‘tf a family doin here stay in your lanes m8s’

So the atmosphere between us became extremely awkward and mom was grumpy.

Awkward (& unhappy mom) -forced smile selfie
The whole process of maid cafe-ing:

  1. Being convinced by the maids’ smiles/very enthusiastic laughter to agree to 1 hour of maid cafe-ing.
  2. Sitting down while being judged by the pedo middle-aged guys. And then we have to blow out an electronic candle that a maid held to officially begin lol.
  3. Ordering of our food. Each of us had to buy something in addition to the already very expensive entrance fee (it goes by hour)
  4. Our food arrives, and we have to chant a cheer that goes ‘Moe, moe, delicious, Q!’ and join half a heart to the other heart and laugh along with the maids before we can eat lolol.

I ordered a parfait, and the fam a curry rice set with coffee and tea.
The maid drew a bear on the bear (exactly what she said) curry rice
When we were finally done we could take ONE photo with ONE maid because it comes with the curry rice set. Otherwise, it would be ‘oh, no, no pictures, sorry’.


So yeah. The act cute family photo with the maid.
The food was really not great. It was edible but that’s it.

Entrance of Maid Dreamin
But well, it was a good once-in-a-lifetimes experience despite the strange procedures. Then we waited for the bus, and went back to the hotel for dinner!!



Literally. I call this the Beggar Dinner because it was only around 900 yen for all these ^ which we got from the nearby supermarket 8) Cos my mom was like ‘θΏ˜ζ²‘εƒθΏ‡ζ—₯ζœ¬ηš„ maggie mee’ so yayyy! Also bc the maid cafe experience burned an unnecessarily large hole in my parents’ pockets so beggar dinner it is!

No need describe la right, all maggie mee and sushi also v nice one x)

Oh btw, when we were walking we passed by the robot restaurant which Sharla also went but it was already so noisy outside + I think they didn’t really serve food so we left shortly after mei was done with her pics with robots.


Also, this is the maid cafe’s menu haha sorry for randomly placing it
Yeah that’s all. This day would be ranked number 1 on the weirdest day of Japan list lol bye x


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