#110116 The First Cry of Joy

Before the arrival of this day itself, 11th January had been a doomsday (or doomsDATE) because it’s the release of my dreaded O Level results!! I never want it to come because after Os ended I was quite sure I would not do very well, and was even worried that I might go back to sec 4 omg *shudders* (Yeah that’s cos most of my sec 4 grades are just pass or fail LOL I’ve never gotten a distinction, not even A2.) I was particularly bad at the 2 sciences chem and bio, as well as my a-math and history…

I started off the day with some retail therapy and breakfast with one of my 4F bestie, Sarah. She planned for us to go back early in the morning for some noodles before the recess crowd came in so in the end I had noodles for breakfast 8) Somehow NCHS’s noodle store is always the most popular, among students and ex-students alike. The other stores’ food is okay, but the noodle store just happens to be the one always attracting people and appearing on snapchat hahaha.

I ordered char siew ee mian with dumpling because it was a Monday which means dumplings day in the noodle shop!! Personally for me, what draws me in so frequently is their sour and starchy gravy they use for dry noodles. When accompanied with fried onions its wonderful. And also the soup, I can’t distinctly tell what flavour it is (chicken? pork? ikan billi?) but it’s so alluring?? Keep asking me to take spoonful after spoonful… (Maybe also bc of MSG hahaha)

I like to joke that others come back to visit their juniors or teachers but I come back to NCHS to eat noodles… LOL

Then we went to Nex to shop. I bought some stuff at Cotton On while Sarah splurged at H&M. We spent a long time at H&M bc of Sarah’s indecisiveness on different clothing… She praised me for tolerating her and being patient but actually I could do it since I was also like her haha.

But, as usual, when you don’t want time to pass quickly, it always seem to, and soon it was time to get our asses back to school to face reality. Boo. (And meet other 4F bestie Yi Ling bc she overslept and in the end didn’t join us -__-)

As usual the teachers and principal talked about some stuff before the release. I actually thank them bc it helped to calm my nerves a little… So we did quite well as a cohort, some subjects we did better but some other subjects we dropped as compared to the previous batch. Then they showed the people who got 9,8,7 distinctions.

Finally, I got my hands on my results. Bernice, my good friend got it before me and after I got mine we just sat opposite each other staring emptily without daring to turn it results-side up haha. But well I remembered my mom came here with me and I couldn’t leave her waiting so long so I got up to meet her and finally meet death. (Or hopefully, heaven.)

LMAO when we met she asked how was it but I told her I have yet to look at it and she became all “Come I help you see la.” But I kept resisting her because WHAT IF THE RESULTS WERE A DISAPPOINTMENT AND SHE SAW IT FIRST? It would have been so embarassing omg. I was determined to see it first then tell her haha.

After some fighting with my mom in the form of screaming ‘NOOOOO’ she forced me to open it outside the hall where it was deserted. I know it will be HER turn to fight me if I didn’t open the results that time so I just complied… I took a deep breath (as if I was about to go for an injection lol) and…..




My mom suddenly went ‘Aiya, don’t need to worry already, all two and three.’

I was so shocked I had to look at it thrice and count the total score to believe it. AND check that it was my name printed on the results slip. Then I looked at her to see her reaction and her eyes went red and teary and I was like tf why you cryin mom but then I also auto started crying hahaha. And that was when I realised, ah, that’s what a cry of joy feels like. Relief, shock, excitement, happiness, all at once.

So in conclusion, that was the first time since I began Sec 4 that I could actually say that I am happy with my results lolol. I seriously got exactly what I wanted, no more and no less… I think it’s due to the amount of praying I did every night as well as the trips to temples hahaha. Thank you every one that made this possible :’)

Grades revelation:

English, Higher Chinese, Normal Chinese, Chemistry, History, E-Maths: A2

A-Maths, Biology, Combined humanities (Social studies and elective geog): B3

Most proud of: Chemistry. I freaking got from F9 to E8 to A2 omg. How is that possible :O Magic me thinks. Also Tr Doris’s constant fierce lectures ha.

Most relieved of: History. I intended to not take this exam because I always failed or borderline passed, but so so so thankfully Mom made me go and try, bc it got me an A2, which was better than my combined humans (B3 wyd ash) which I aimed to get an A2 lolol.

So yeah! Currently waiting for school posting results, will update once it’s released!! (So badly want to go poly but dk if i should go poly urgh) ((bc 11-15th is school choosing day))


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