#191215 Central Japan Day 5: I Saw Mount Fuji!

The first thing we did was to sit a red boat to view some rocks and waters and stuff… It’s nothing extraordinary but it was quite cold due to the strong winds :/ (We went to the deck / outside idk whats it called)

This photo has lots of heads bc I took out my phone too late…

Then we rode the bus to the Gotemba Shopping Outlets! This was one of my fave shopping places/tour visit place BECAUSE I GOT TO SEE MISS FUJI WHILE SHOPPING OUTDOORS! Omg, I was so pleasantly surprised when I spotted Mount Fuji while walking along the outlets. So beautiful! It’s like, there is a whole stretch of well-known outlet shops to shop from, you walk outside, see an interested shop, go in to look or heat up, then eat from the decently huge food court when you are hungry, warm up, go out and shop again, then spot Mount Fuji and camwhore.

That was literally what we did there for 4 hours. (or was it 3 around there la) So shiok???!!!



Managed a selfie with the Fuji!
Happy faces after shopping!!
 Yeah I was happy because I finally got a pair of ripped jeans from Lowry’s Farm at around $40 sgd (in sg if you buy one it’s around $80-$90 sgd) and a pair of pastel pink and white slip on shoes from GAP! For around $11 SGD! The outlets there sell their items at a cheaper price so it’s very cool. (& say hooray to tourist discount booklets aye aye)

Mom bought 2 bags from Kate Spade at a cheap price too, hence she’s also happy haha.

Sunset spotted otw to the hotel! ❤
This hotel was also an onsen hotel so the fam went but I hobo-ed alone in the hotel room bc it was time of the month. 😀 I found these crackers in a bowl and my sis said they were very nice (‘intense version of prawn crackers’) so I had to try em!!


It literally tastes like what my sis described
Dinner was at the hotel, buffet style. They had this super cute pink-themed xmas tree at the entrance so ofc, had to snap a photo!


The interior design was quite atas. Actually this hotel is quite atas yet cozy. The buffet was good, I got to try lagsania for the first time!! (SO MUCH CHEESY GOODNESS IN A SMALL BITE) and they had a chocolate fountain and cake!

Luckily I had a taste of the savoury food before my upset stomach came but it was still very annoying… Eh, people rarely get to eat buffet dinner then you must now come and upset stomach? Rude. Some more after I finish my multiple shits I no feels to eat liao, only can eat biscuit and chocolate fountain marshmallows and fruits!!! Damn it.

Singlish explosion when rage mode is turn on hahaha.

Well, it was still an enjoyable day I guess, because I managed to shit after 5 days… HAHAH sorry for the graphicness okay bye x


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