Happy 2016!

Wow… Yet another year has passed… To me 2015 passed by extremely quickly because of Os, I only remember that I was always studying, trying to chiong homework, and watching YouTube. That’s all, super no life LMAO.

So anyway I spent 31st December with the fam at home (I actually prefer this than going out bc v cozy + no need face a whole large crowd). We celebrated the sis’s bday with an Awfully Chocolate cake! Her cake is so aesthetic :c

SO NOICE. Look at that pastel blue & pink… 😍

I spent the last few minutes trying to rush out my 2015 year end dedis to my baes (& luckily I made it phew) but that video only got 36 likes sian xD 

When 12 am 1st Jan’16 came it was phenomenal. Everyone went out to their balcony and shouted across ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ bc our opposite block is quite near us. It was so nice looking forward to more of these in future πŸ˜€ My mom says its Kampong Spirit haha. 

But also a bit inconvi bc you feel stared at when you open your curtains in your room πŸ˜‚

Then on 1st Jan mom’s bffs came. The others were being antisocial so only me, my sis & yi zee went to hobo in sis’s room. Okay la, we talked abt random things.

Okay bye 


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