#201215 Day 6 Central Japan: Shinjuku

The morning started off with a beautiful pink sunrise on the way to the female onsen to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji! Mom and I didn't get to see it there but it was still good due to the beautiful scenery accompanied by the sun rising to greet us ^^ (Dad and sis who … Continue reading #201215 Day 6 Central Japan: Shinjuku


#191215 Central Japan Day 5: I Saw Mount Fuji!

The first thing we did was to sit a red boat to view some rocks and waters and stuff... It's nothing extraordinary but it was quite cold due to the strong winds :/ (We went to the deck / outside idk whats it called) Then we rode the bus to the Gotemba Shopping Outlets! This … Continue reading #191215 Central Japan Day 5: I Saw Mount Fuji!