#181215 Central Japan Day 4: Osaka

Ayeee welcome to day 4 of my Japan trip in 2015555!!

It looks like I decided to take a picture of my breakfast on day 4 so yay I can do some intro on Japanese buffet breakfasts!!


Here we have the usual buffet things like scrambled eggs and rice. Somehow all scambled eggs taste similarly delicious but I just can’t master the art of scrambling eggs T.T Cri… Since Japan is an Asian country, they are all about fish and rice for breakfast. The tamago was disappointing, I was hoping to be reunited with the chewy and mildly sweet tamago I ate during the temple stay in Japan last year but this year all the tamagos I’ve tasted are not satisfying πŸ˜₯

The spaghetti is also tasty but too much carbs so I didn’t finish it… I was so dumb to take noodles and rice onto my breakfast tray -__- It’s a tomato-based pasta with no other ingredients added but it’s quite good already on it’s own! Also Japanese sausages are so different from Singapore ones. When you bite in the skin is like crispy like paper kinda. It’s also like Taiwan xiang chang texture and the meat is sweet and juicy. Oh last thing, the croissant!! Omg, firstly it’s so cute being so tiny like that. Secondly idk if it’s because they already added butter but they taste so soft and buttery without adding butter!! Most of the time I have to remind myself to use butter for the breads cos they are good without butter… lol

Our first attraction of the day was the Osaka Castle! This was the first attraction I visited when I came to Japan with the school last year so this brings memories.

This photo is just missing snow…
This one also like European castle
Oh this was the hot chocolate I bought and spilled on the bus say hi man. #itwassoembarassing But the drink was so warm and chocolatey not like those cheap waxy chocolate…


Haha Day 3’s snapchat of excitement
Sun rise view!
I like how randomly placed the photos are lolol

We went to Shinsaibashi for lunch and shopping~~ I once saw in a movie that the Chinese subs for shopping is xie ping (blood / fight) which is kind of true esp when there are sales or discounts lmao. Since then I’ve always called it that in my mind hahaha

Wow fierce
No pics of lunch but my and dad’s shoe locker keys!
Lunch was shabu shabu pork and mini buffet of meats and vegs. It’s the same pork slices from Day 1 thin and melting with oishii sauce yum. Omg what are other words for yum? I feel like I use that in every blog post… #inadequateenglish

For dessert we bought cheese tarts from Pablo which was well-known in this area. After I took a bite I knew why. The filling was warm and it tasted like cream cheeseeeee ahhhh and the tart crust is buttery enough 8)


Before I took this photo I saw someone took a photo of theirs by holding it in their hands and ended up dropping the tart .__. #riptart My dad pointed that out before I took this so I was even more careful to prevent that from happening to me and my parents yelling at me for that mishap… Thankful for grey floor outside the shop 8)

Although the primary motive was to shop, we ended up not buying anything but spending a long time taking Purikuras LOLOL. I wanted the whole fam to do it but my parents refused ;(

I was happy at our booth choice cos the sets are all quite aesthetic and black and white

I don’t look like my usual self man.
Famous Glico guy signboard
Before boarding the bus we bought Starbucks

I concluded that soy latte is gross when warm but delicious when cooled.
It is time for yet another round of dinner. This time, it’s BBQ Meat and Other Things!! Basically it’s like a buffet where theres drinks, raw food to bbq and cooked food, as well as ice cream. I HAD THE CHANCE TO TRY the KOBE BEEF YAAASS ITS LITERALLY ε…₯ε£ε³εŒ– (melt in your mouth) AND EVEN THE FATS ARE EDIBLE FOR A FATS HATER LIKE ME. #WORTHIT


The ice-creams look very vibrant 8) I stacked these ice creams hehe
Finally, we went to the nearby Nagoya TV Tower. I’ve always liked the word Nagoya cos it reminds me of the Korean phrase ‘naegoya’ HAHAH idk im weird.



this tower is so long i can’t even capture the whole thing even when i crouch or back away further wow
The view from the Tower!!! I love night city views ❀
That’s the end for Day 4 byeeee x


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