#171215 Central Japan Day 3: Wakayama

After breakfast at the same hotel we headed to Wakayama Marina City, a family-oriented amusement theme park with a multitude of attractions for all age groups. We visited Kuroshio Market first to have a walk around. The market was just opening it’s various stalls, selling prawn crackers, sashimi and some dry snacks. We were mainly there to watch the tuna cutting show but we were an hour early so we had quite some time to kill.

Sooo we headed to Porto Europa which was just next door! It’s a theme park with some rides, a 4D theatre as well as MANYYYYY beautiful European style buildings ❤ As it was quite early in the morning the rides and stuff were closed so we mainly spent the hour there photoshooting xD

Some photos turned out very nice 😀 There was even one where I looked like a celeb being shot by paparazzi (but then anyone can look like that if you have sunglasses and your mom’s very grand $200+ wool jacket from Zara)

Entrance of Porto Europa

Still thawing due to it being the early hours of operation

Oh, just a random selfie while walking along our new house 8)
No I mean like seriously. #Housegoals man
Ahhh here it is. My cover photo for XX Magazine ^^
And the behind the scenes.
Photo with the mother!
Ahh this is the big-ass tuna we were all waiting for.



It’s really gigantic I bet it can feed a whole village for a day… Too bad I don’t do sashimi so I didn’t try the freshly disected tuna sashimi… After the show we went to purchase some cuttlefish and prawn crackersss. Also got the chance to try this fishball tube roll thing that tastes like sotong ball but a bit harder.


Lunch for that day. Of course, seafood. The jelly was pretty nice.
 Our next item was a place to look at rocks that are half submerged in ocean. The winds were extremely strong and it was so cold and there were only like 2 sides of rock. This reminded me so much of the time when I went to Korea to look at the dragon rocks like the shops selling stuff are even located at similar positions I can’t even.


Cutie dog napping on a pikachu towel ❤


Real pinecone that my mom picked up for me heh heh ❤
Before heading to the onsen resort in Shirahama, we stopped by the Engetsu-jima Island to quickly snap a few shots of the uniquely-shaped sea cave. It’s a real pity that there was no sun setting cos then you might be able to snap the sun filling up the hole in the sea cave ;( Aiya nevermind la, liddat also very scenic heh.


They were trying to do something manipulative with the sea cave hence the weird poses HAHAHA.
This one makes the unglam looks cool hahaha
We also stopped by a supermarket called Value House which I found very aesthetic ❤ . ❤


We finally checked in to the onsen resort, which haD SUCH A TUMBLR VIEW EEEEEH ❤

This too! Random pool and house haha
Since we were staying in an onsen resort, of course we had to take a dip in the onsen right? (Actually I didn’t feel like it cos there’s the whole awkward thing of being naked and the possibility of bumping into your tour mates :/) In the end I was persuaded (forced) to go by my mom but luckily we didn’t see much people, only 1 obasan that didn’t care about looking at us #yays #zhuandao

Us in Yookata. Oh and, the resort’s name is Daiwa Royal Hotel as you can see xD
Dining while wearing yookata!! Our whole table wore the yookata and took a group shot and it was quite nice hehe
Oh right, I forgot to update about the Angie Ngo issue. Actually in the end my mom went up to her and asked if she’s a teacher in NCHS and then we sort of talked and became friendly with each other so their fam became sort of like our first friend fam? (In the tour only la) ((Bc my mom didn’t mention about the conflicting issue so I think she didn’t recognise me haha she just found me familiar)) Which is why they were sitting beside us during dinner up there^

One of the (humongous) prawn crackers we bought earlier. Bigger than my face, ngl.
You make my heart shake, bend and break, but I can’t turn away, it’s driving me wild~~ Haha that is me listening to Wild remix while blogging. I love remixes, esp when the original song is already so perfect ❤

After dinner there was time to tour the hotel for a bit so we went back to the onsen place as not only were there arcades and 110298491 gashapon machines, there was alSO AN ICE-CREAM VENDING MACHINE LIKE WOT

The sample pictures of the ice creams all had ridiculously bright colours like look at the blue and yellow one man
I chose a banana chocolate cookie/cake ice cream which tasted yums! The ice-cream came out the same way as when you buy drinks from a vending machine but it’s still very rad.

That’s all for Day 3 yays bye x #bloggingishard




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