#241215 It’s Christmas Eve!

This year flew by especially quickly because of the damned Os. Today it’s yet another Christmas Eve, and again I’m anticipating eagerly for Christmas itself (only 1 more sleep away, woohoo!).

I’m not sure if we’ve done this the previous years, but this year the fam did an epic Xmas Eve atas Western dinner! Heh heh. Other than my dad who was attending to family matters, we spent the evening preparing for the big dinner. In the morning we went to Serangoon Gardens for prata breakfast and then we impromtu made the decision to cook up an epic storm for dinner HAHA. We bought the ingredients from My Village’s NTUC which is a new mall that I heard about from Bong Qiu Qiu.

Irrelevant but as I was going up the escalator while touring the mall I caught sight of Frankie magazine from a shop called AllScript and I got so excited cos I saw lots of pretty photos of the contents on Tumblr and other sites. Last time I saw Frankie in stores in Sg, they were around $35 which is vvv expensive so I didn’t have hope of being allowed to buy it but turnt out they were $17+!!! It was definitely a pleasant surprise and the best part mOM ALLOWED ME TO BUY A COPYYYY YAY.

They also sell Kinfolk as well as a large variety of mags not found in usual mag kiosks! I had to ask what other outlets they have in sg. Anddddd they’re gonna open one near my area next year in Feb! Yeay ;D After countless times of flipping through the 4 issues of Frankie I decided on the Jan/Feb 2016 which was $19.90 cos it was a special large issue with a lot of freebies like postcards and posters hehe. Very contented 8)

Very abrupt but,

Final Menu:

Appetiser – Cheese platter (my first ever!) with cranberries, grapes, blueberries and almonds & a salad

Main course – Chicken that’s marinated like turkey, and chestnut stuffing

Dessert – Red wine poached pear with Belgian chocolate and strawberry cheesecake ice cream

My sister went the extra mile to print out and draw a pretty floral themed paper menu. I would share the photo but I’m lazy oops. So this post will probably not have pictures unless I become hard working haha.

We spent the evening preparing the dinner. I was in charge of the salad and I suddenly thought of Bong Qiu Qiu and Cheesie (@cheeserland) frequently making cute themed lunches for their kids and I was like ‘Ayeeee yes I’ll do that’ so I decided to assemble Christmas themed salads!! πŸ˜€

The final product had an xmas tree lettuce that I cut and a cucumber snowman with carrot eyes and arms. My mom suggested putting corn as snow so there was that too. Plus some lettuce as background or it will look very empty and pathetic HAHAHA food art is hard. And omg my dad actually didn’t notice my xmas tree.

When I mentioned it to him he was surprised that the lettuce was actually shaped like an xmas tree -__- I was so sad and disappointed lol. He tried to make up to me by referring to his photo of the salad for confirmation but IT’S OKAY DAD. THANKS.

Anyway. Food review time! ;D

  1. Cheese platter with cranberries, grapes, blueberries and almonds (cheddar was not too cheesy which is nice, swiss cheese is overrated bc I found it too cheesy and my sis made a point that swiss cheese is always used in cartoons but isn’t actually yummy. ((its the cheese with lotsa holes)) it was really refreshing eating it with the fruity things, sweet and cheesy at the same time)
  2. Salad (salad.)
  3. Chicken that’s marinated like turkey, and chestnut stuffing (it’s really fragrant and tastes like roasted turkey!! it’s not too tough as well, making it pleasant to chew. the stuffing literally came packaged like a whole roll of ham, and tastes like sausage, so I don’t know why it’s called stuffing bc to me stuffing is more liquid-ish and has more of a jam texture? and definitely does not taste meaty. :/ hmm…)
  4. Red wine poached pear with Belgian chocolate and strawberry cheesecake ice cream (the pear ended up not tasting like pears, idek why haha. the taste is unique, it’s kind of like when you melt sugar and let it to harden? the pears don’t really go well with ice cream but it’s acceptable I guess)

That’s all for today! We are currently watching Transformers 2 while I 80% blog and 20% watch (listen) bc I can’t really understand that series oops. Okay bye! x


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