#161215 Central Japan Day 2: Kobe

Every day we are moving to different parts of Japan, but we stayed at the same hotel for Day 1 & 2! Day 2 was the first buffet breakfast in that hotel.

Day 2 & Day 3’s breakfasts were the same bc same hotel… Johnny our tour guide recommended the fried black noodles so of course I had to try some 8)

Okay, I just realised I didn’t take any breakfast photos at all hahaha so I’ll have to rely on my inadequate descriptive skills… Other than the noodles, there was the usual bread & jam, tamago, salmon(?) and coffee, juice etc. The noodles actually WERE pretty good, I miss it even now when I think about it. Noms. It’s mostly thanks to the black sauce they fry it with.

I did snap a photo of this interesting jam and butter package (or in this case, honey and butter). Basically you bend it outwards and squeeze both sides together and honey and butter simultaneously come out onto your piece of bread. It’s really cool (and yummy) but you’ll probably want to scrape off excess butter if you aren’t a fan of oily food.


Our first stop of Day 2 was the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum.

The museum has pretty outsides ^^ Very green.
One of the many steps of sake brewing.
Gigantic sake bottle!!
Fam photo! I look awkward af.

We first watched a 10 min introductory video on the museum and sake brewing, then took a very short tour of the museum. Like many other museums, this one also has a sake related shop corner, where we bought a lot of cool alcohol related products 😀

Yuzu sparkling alcoholic drink with very very low alcohol percent.

This was so citrusy and just the right amount of bubbly, and you almost can’t taste the alcohol. (Which is perfect for a person like me that can’t appreciate the taste of alchohol just yet xP) Very regretful that we only bought 1 can ;(

Very very oishii snack.

Have you guys ever ate the brown twisty crispy local snacks? This ^ tastes very similar to that one and once you take one, you can’t stop. (Unless you have very good self-discipline. Maybe even then you can’t stop at one. ;))

We also bought some plum alcoholic drinks, sake and some yuzu alcoholic jelly drink among other things. I tried the yuzu jelly drink today (241215) and it’s really cool (literally. my fingers went really numb.) and makes for just the perfect after lunch dessert. Just that I got kinda dizzy and pink-cheeked after that oh no :/ #isthatasignofbadalchoholtolerance

Then we went to visit the Japanese version of Chinatown. It was pretty much like the Chinatown that I expected it to be, red lanterns and stores selling Chinese buns and street food. Sis researched that we had to try a well-known pork bun in here so we went to queue for it to get some!


Selfie with a panda
and a wolf/dog
Just a cute red bicycle I found along a small alley
The famous pork bun place 8)
These guys are actually really small hahaha hey cuties


Pork bun taste review:

The bun’s skin was real soft and smooth. It was also a little sweet, complementing the saltiness of the meat filling inside. The meat is quite juicy and the filling was given in generous amounts making every bite satisfactory yet not too greasy!

Because the pork buns we had to try were not cutesy enough for my sister, she insisted on randomly buying a cute bun to take pictures of LOL. She settled for this red bean panda bun which passed her cutesy test but definitely not my yumminess test. The skin was too dry, as was the filling. It also wasn’t sweet enough for me :/

Still kawaii though, I’ll give it that.
Panda vending machine!!

^ This was also one of the things on my sis’s must go-to list: the panda vending machine. It’s so cute hahaha a panda just leisurely chilling on a vending machine with some Coke. Ayyy I wanna do that too! ;c

But obviously I can’t bc I have to go visit the next place which is the Kobe Tower!!! It came with a very Tumblr sea view but somehow I can’t step or look step in photos even when I try, which is very upsetting cos how often do you come across a Tumblr area for you to do some stepping?? Of concrete??

I did try though. I’m not called a try-hard for nothing lol

This was the best I could manage, and even so my hair looks very done with me taking step photos.
Over here my legs look too polite to be in this photo concept. I tried copying my sis’s chill bad girl concept but I guess I’m too nice… 😉

Sorry taking out the trash that is me rn brb

Definitely better at taking photos without me in it
Ayeeeeee sis

About a 5 minutes bus ride away there’s a shopping and eating place opposite each other, one of them is called Mozaic but I forgot which one :/ As we were crossing the overhead bridge to the eating places I managed to snap a gorgeous sight of these pretty European (or British idk) houses with the colourful ferris wheel from Kobeeee!

Quite Tumblr right?? YES.
Attempting to step again (but also failing miserably). This time on wooden steps.
SOTD Sis / Me / Dad ehe

We made the decision to dine at a Japanese-Western restaurant selling pasta and other things. My sis ordered for us in her minimal Japanese, which actually got through successfully :O #impressed. They haz weally pwetty wall decor awwwe

This is a pretty genius idea


Touching a tiny owl heh heh

Mei and I shared a yuzu pasta and pancake seto.

Yuzu pasta with clams and mushrooms! Salty at first, the yuzu taste only came after going through half of the pasta

As the saying goes, “You can’t buy happiness with money, but ice cream (and pancakes) is pretty much the same thing.” (Or something along those lines)

And this, is my warm cup of cranberry milk with toasted marshmallows. Immediately felt cozy after drinking it x))

Then we went for some shopping out in the cold.

Got some pistachio-caramel gastronomic popcorn from Holiday Popcorn. Pretty good, but couldn’t taste the pistachios.
Taking advantage of the plant sitting outside the shop and pretty paperbag for a decent ig photo.
I wanted to post this on instagram cos same surname but realised I was too ugly in this pic lolol. This shop sells VERY rad things but the prices are toooooo rad for me ha.

I went to the Sanrio shop and got some Gudetama merch!! I got a sticker flake pack and yuzu-scented hand sanitizer hehe.

Very fried dinner at the hotel for Day 2. Good, but too oily for my liking. Makes dinner very guilt-feeling.


After dinner the fam walked to a nearby supermarket and mom bought a lot of groceries to bring home to waipo and ourselves because the products there are huge yet cheap af. You can get half a cabbage longer than your head for $0.80 I think?? And their fruits are all so sweet and juicy ahhh I still miss the strawberries even though I’m usually not a fan of strawberries.

Look at how fat the strawberries are ❤
That’s all for day 2 bye x


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