#151215 Central Japan Day 1: Kyoto


Starting off this blog with my latest holiday trip to Central Japan!!

On 14th December 11.30 p.m. we met at the airport (with our tour leader and potential tour mates) and then went to chill before boarding. Since it was a midnight flight I couldn’t spend the entire plane ride watching things on the plane’s mini TV, and slept like most of the time…


I did manage to catch 3/4 of a Korean movie The Chronicles of Evil though. TBH I was 90% attracted to the movie because Park Seo Joon is in it LOL #imsoshallow #latestbae #he’ssocute HOWEVER, the plot is kind of interesting too, it’s about a chief policeman that accidentally killed a taxi driver and he got involved in that very case later on to find Taxi Driver’s killer, so watch the movie to find out if he got out of it unscathed πŸ˜‰


Shortly after the plane lights were turn on, breakfast was served. One of the things I always look forward to the most on long plane rides is their in-flight meals. Always so delicious and full course. ❀ Β I went for the Western breakfast with the usual works (hash brown, scrambled eggs, ham, bread, coffee… etc.) but you could also choose the Japanese breakfast which had fish and rice in it. The breakfast was a little disappointing though, but scrambled eggs always swerves any negative opinions on any Western breakfast I’ve consumed whatsoever to a positive direction oops.

When we arrived we almost landed into a crisis (pun not intended) because we lost Dad after we came out of the washroom… We thought he was already out and ahead of us since he usually comes out before us girls, so we also went ahead but guess what? He wasn’t aT THE IMMIGRATION COUNTERS. So naturally my mom started panicking and randomly yelling things at my dad who isn’t there, and that got the airport staff around us to stare wearily at us (my mom mostly). Just when she was about to explode (sorry no other descriptive vocab at the moment), my dad thankfully arrived urgh. It turnt out he was just taking a shit, which lead me wondering WHY he didn’t answer to a boy’s call to his name (my mom got the boy to go in and call my dad lol).

Oh and, when I was walking along the aisle of the plane to get off I was just casually observing the people in the opposite aisle and I actually saw someone that looked like Mdm (or Mrs?) Angie Ngo ((an art teacher in NCHS)) and I literally stuck my head out like a turtle in shock (and to get a closer look at her). Since we had a rather conflicted past I was praying that it was not her and if it was her that she wouldn’t be in my tour group but looks like Lady Luck decided to play a trick on me that day. (Actually 7 days)

Well. When that part was over and confirmed, I began avoiding eye contact with her on our way to lunch and hoping against hope that she would not recognise me and we would not make any contact during the trip whatsoever.

Okay FINALLY, on to the actual trip itself HAHAHA.

Probably one of the nicest outsides I’ve seen of a restaurant. πŸ˜‰
Tofu Hotpot Lunch with Side Dishes
Kawaii Orange Flavoured Mochi

Lunch was tofu hotpot with tempura and other side dishes. Let me tell you guys how amazing was the pork slices and fish. The pork were so thin and it just melts in your mouth. Dipping it in peanut sauce was like adding icing onto your cake. The fish was really sweet and refreshing. The tempura was just tempura, to me all tempura is nice bc it’s fried haha. The tofu however was not to my liking as it was rather bland, but my sister and mom likes them, so tofu lovers probably will too. The dessert was a kawaii orange flavoured mochi aw.

The atmosphere of lunch with my tour mates was too weirdly silent. My family were having random conversations over the food and since no one else were talking much (at least we couldn’t hear them), we seemed really loud (and embarassing bc we were discussing some weird shit lmao). Did I also mention that we weRE SITTING BESIDE ANGIE NGO’S FAM??? Yeah. It was quite tense. Especially since I could feel her staring at me probably wondering where she has seen me before or something .__.

In other news, our first sightseeing spot was a street of traditional-looking houses and shops.

Soooo pretty.


Unexpectedly bumped into Ye Qing wearing a pretty kimono. Just like last year with Hai Ting in Aust, I was also called in loud and shocked tones LOLOL.
My sis stepping.
Waiting for…
… My 3 cool Japanese brothers that I didn’t even know about before I came here πŸ˜‰

Next stop – Kiyomizu Temple. I also came here during my school exchange trip to Kyoto last year, and the funny thing is both times I came, it was raining… Ha… This temple will always be known to me as the Jung Joon Young x Jung Yoo Mi temple cos they came here during WGM haha.




Both times I came I didn’t have the chance to drink from this waterfall bc the queue is no joke T.T So I could only take a shot of it ;(

^Kyoto Green Tea Ice-cream dusted with green tea powder πŸ˜€ My dad just couldn’t wait til I took a picture of all our ice creams .__.
Attempting a Tumblr photo with my sis ha.

This stall was recommended by our tour guide so we had to try it! It’s a must-try, the ice cream isn’t too sweet which may give off artificial vibes, and the powder bitterly complements the sweet cooling dessert!

This was our final destination for the day before dinner- another temple which I can’t remember the name of πŸ™‚ #imsorrytemple This temple is prettier than the previous one since this one has gold rims besides the red base colour. All of the fam went to the entrance to wash our hands and mouth at the natural taps, as it apparently purifies your hands and mouth.

The procedure:

1.Rinse left hand.

2. Rinse right hand.

3. Rinse mouth.

4. Pour ladle vertically and let the water flow out.


Random SOTD shot bc I was excited about the transparent umbrellas that I’ve always wanted to use ever since I saw guests use them in Japan Hour LOL
My mom sassing my dad… (Or nah. They were just repeatedly chanting ‘watermelon’ for a decent candid HAHA)

Dinner timeee!! Our fam chose a okonomiyaki restaurant near the hotel. My sister wanted to make them herself so we tried following the ones made for our parents.

Pork // Seafood. (Seafood over pork anyday)


The restaurant’s entrance

Had an after-dinner walk and visited our first Japan 7-11 (my fam actually bc I’ve been to one last year)

So cute and pink and only around $1++ ??!! If I was a donut lover I would have just bought one of each. Luckily I wasn’t haha.
Wondering if the strawberries in the pink ice cream are freeze-dried or frozen
Saw this at our hotel’s entrance πŸ˜€ #feelingthewarmwelcome

The first hotel was more on the homely side than the grand hotel side. It literally feels like I’m going home to a Japanese family after sightseeing. I’m saying this bc the toilets at the lobby are pink and the lift is mega small with homely leaflets about buffet breakfast timings stuck onto the lift walls haha.

And that’s the end of the first day 8) Bye! Day 2 soon x


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